Starting Blocks

Future workout is as much about how confident you feel about your financial situation as how your financial situation looks on paper.

By starting with financial basics, we’ll give you the confidence to manage both the planned and the unplanned. So even if something unexpected turns up, you’ll have the financial know-how to deal with it. And maybe even turn it into a positive. 

Here’s why Olympic Champion in Javelin, Thomas Röhler, thinks managing your future training is as important as your physical training.

Why future workout matters

Whether you like it or not, managing your finances is a day-to-day reality. But – whisper it quietly – once you master the basics, it can really open up your possibilities in life. Perhaps: 
·  Short-term dreams – starting a business, becoming an athlete or becoming debt-free
·  Long-term goals – saving for a house, education, retirement
·  Looking after others – family, friends, those in need
·  Staying safe from financial fraud

Preparing a plan helps you set expectations and stay accountable so that you stay on course to achieve the seemingly impossible. So whether it’s getting to that lifetime goal, getting a better handle on your spending, or planning for retirement, after taking this course you should be in a better place to secure your financial future.

Let’s start at the beginning.

3 Minutes

Deep dive and learn

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Deep dive material

PDF title cover saying Future Workout Deep Dive #01 Starting Blocks
Explore the module content in further detail by reading through the Starting Blocks PDF. Increasing the difficulty of your workout is key to improve! The deep dive content is designed to provide more depth and test your boundaries.
Which do you prefer?

Now it’s your turn

Time to put what you’ve learnt into practice! Try both the 50/30/20 model and the 6 account model and see which one works best for you.
50/30/20 model
6 account model

That's a wrap

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Wherever you’re at in life, it’s never too late to get in shape with your future workout. Here’s a reminder of some of the key points.


  • The sooner the better – whether planning, saving or investing 
  • Start a ready fund – just in case … 
  • Learn to budget 
  • The more you know, the more you can get out of life – and not just financially.
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And also that everyone’s situation is different, so be mindful with all of the above. While saving 10-20% a month is good practice, if you’re just starting out then it may not always be the best choice. For example, you might have bigger immediate expenses like a new house or car.

  • If you have credit card/loan debt, again, saving for retirement is not the priority.
  • Don’t get so obsessed with saving that you forget to live – enjoy those adventures while you’re young too! 
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  • Learn the basics – taking the time to learn a few basic financial rules can help you build a healthy financial future.
  • Set a goal and plan
  • Start early

Next up

Week 2: practice

Base building done, it’s time for Investment 101. You’re ready to manage the now. But what about future you? In this session, we cover everything from investing for the first time to managing your risks. And once you get more confident, even how to diversify your investments and invest sustainably. 

So wherever you’re at, one thing’s for sure. The earlier you start in life, the better you’ll look later on.

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