The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

About MoMA

Allianz and MoMA share the values of embracing change, taking risks, and having the courage to try something new. Contemporary artists constantly push the boundaries within which art is created, and Allianz’ engagement in contemporary art underlines its interest in supporting risk-taking, change and the exploration of new ideas which is essential to progress. The partnership with MoMA includes Allianz as the lead sponsor of several of the Museum’s contemporary art exhibitions.

Allianz and MoMA

Allianz is proud to partner with The Museum of Modern Art to make possible a series of Design and InnovaMon programs at MoMA and MoMA PS1 and to support the Museum’s efforts toward a more sustainable future. Through the celebration of the work of visionary architects and the examination of design through new lenses, we are committed to exploring scenarios for a better, more sustainable, and inclusive tomorrow. Our engagement with the art of today reflects this belief, and we are honored to support the work of architects, designers, and visionary thinkers that are pushing the boundaries of modern art.

Allianz x MoMA x Formula E – Electric Racing meets Urban Art

As a ramp up event to the Formula E race weekend in New York, Allianz enabled an exciting collaboration between our partners MoMA PS1 and Formula E to accelerate sustainability. Four days prior to the races in New York, a specially designed Formula E GEN2 car was showcased in the courtyard of MoMA PS1. The GEN2 car livery was custom designed for the NYC EPrix, showing the skyline of New York whilst being influenced by urban street art.
Allianz is proud to partner with a diverse array of sports teams, organizations, cultural figures, sporting venues, and educational programs. We forge relationships with partners who support diversity, spread awareness about important social issues, and educate future generations.

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