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Supporting female employees
Almost 100 years ago, Allianz was the first company in Colombia to hire a woman. Today, we are proud to continue our history of supporting female employees and to become the 5th Best Place to Work for Women in Great Places to Work Colombia's rankings.
A female Allianz employee proud Allianz is ranked number one in Insurance and Germany
Allianz is proud to be ranked the #1 in Insurance and #1 in Germany, according to the latest Refinitiv Global D&I Index, for the third year in a row. To highlight this success further, Allianz is the only insurance company in the top 100 and the only German company in the top 30! 
Certificate for the Best Workplace for Women 2022
Allianz Life Indonesia received the “Best Workplaces for Women 2022 in Dedicating for Inclusive Employees Development” from HerStory Indonesia. This recognition highlights the work Allianz Indonesia has done to support females in the company and country.
Ludovic Subran talks mental health on his podcast
In Allianz's podcast How are you really doing? each episode features leaders within the company who discuss topics related to mental health. It aims to create a more open culture to speaking about mental health in the workplace.
Gender Equality in the workplace. Men and women in a meeting
For the eighth year in a row, Allianz is proud to be listed in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which includes 484 companies. This result highlights the company's continued commitment to gender equality.
Hiba Fathima given an additional day of leave to "go green"
During the Allianz Day Off for the Future, employees are given an extra day of leave to participate in activities that promote a sustainable future.
Allianz employees experience what its like to play ping pong in a wheelchair
As a long time partner of the Slovak Paralympic Committee, Allianz Slovakia commemorated International Day of Persons with Disabilities by allowing employees to experience what it's like to play sports with a disability.
Allianz employees train in mental first aid
Allianz Trade offers training to employees in the UK and Ireland to become Mental Health First Aiders. This allows them to support colleagues and work together to promote a healthy work environment and lower the stigma around mental health conversations in the workplace.
Allianz employees expressing inclusion and respect for all
Inclusion and diversity are at the core of Allianz France's values. Since 2022 they have deployed many initiatives to further solidify this commitment, such as adding a 5th week of paternity leave and extending their Disability Agreement to Family Caregivers.
Allianz Spain posters for mental health wellness
To help end prejudice and stigma against mental health in the workplace, Allianz Spain's Prevention and Wellness team offers training sessions for executives and managers to raise awareness and take actions for the entire workforce. Employees can also access psychological assistance 24/7.
We believe people need a resilient partner to prepare them with guidance and support. Today and tomorrow, we are here when it matters.
Football team playing together
Actions speak louder than words. Our global moves and local activations show how we inspire and make an impact.