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The NewsLine

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Our NewsLine provides you with succinct information about our views on economic developments at home and abroad, on fiscal and economic policy questions and on other topical issues. We comment on the latest economic data from Germany, the eurozone, the USA, Japan and the emerging markets. Major political events, such as EU summits, and policy questions are also covered.

Research Papers

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This series covers special, topical issues in the field of economics, financial markets as well as fiscal and economic policy. Our Research Papers include our regular spring/fall Economic Forecast, as well as debt scenarios and a wide range of topics looking in greater depth at developments in the emerging markets, in the demographic field and in the insurance world.


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Up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of long-term economic trends, financial market issues, structural problems as well as the outlook for the pension and health systems. This series also includes our Euro Monitor, examining the progress made in euro area member states towards achieving balanced growth, and the annual Allianz Global Wealth Report.