Allianz Euro Monitor 2017: Economic tailwind but reluctance to reform

From an economic point of view, the eurozone could hardly be in better shape than it is today. The upswing seems likely to continue , the peak has just begun. This development is reflected in the results of this year's Euro Monitor, with which we measure the state of the euro economies on the basis of 20 indicators every year.

Impact of monetary policy on yields

The yields on long-term bonds no longer tie in with fundamental economic data like inflation and economic growth. The deviations can be explained by the impact of monetary policy.

Allianz Euro Monitor 2016: Waning reform momentum

Despite the healthy economic performance in 2016, the eurozone failed to make further progress in reducing macroeconomic imbalances.

Italy's referendum: Short-term outlook and long-term implications

The outcome of Italy’s constitutional referendum on December 4th will probably have limited immediate impact on either the economy or the political system.

Allianz Euro Monitor 2015

The Allianz Euro Monitor uses 20 indicators to measure macroeconomic imbalances in the eurozone. The results for 2015 show that economic stability in the currency union has increased.

European Capital Markets Union: Towards a more balanced financial system

The financial and economic crisis triggered global efforts to restore stability to financial markets, in particular the banking sector.

Low interest rates, incomes and assets: The winners and the losers

The low interest rate policy pursued by the ECB and, in particular, the purchase of securities (QE) are having a direct and indirect impact on the incomes and assets of private households in the euro area.

ECB asset purchase program leaves substantial mark on yields

The yields on top-grade long-term government bonds have been headed south for two decades or so.

Allianz Euro Monitor 2014

The Allianz Euro Monitor aims to expose existing and emerging imbalances in order to flag up the aberrations of the kind that led to the sovereign debt crisis in the euro area in a timely fashion.