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NEWS | Jan 16, 2018

10 ideas on how France and Germany could strengthen Europe

Between a pro-European government in France and early discussions of a Große Koalition in Germany, there is political momentum on both sides of the Rhine for a stronger Europe. The two countries could drive the European project further with ten initiatives in five reform areas.

NEWS | Dec 21, 2017

Italy Election Watch: Limited downside, limited upside

Italy's economy has accelerated over the course of 2017, despite the lingering uncertainty about the 2018 general election. The threat of anti-EU, populist forces coming to power in Italy has receded following the reform of the electoral law.

NEWS | Dec 15, 2017

Beyond populism: What this political trend is and why it matters

Populist economic policies can boost growth and financial markets in the short term, but also purport uncertainty and volatility. Populists’ disdain for checks and balances threatens to weaken pluralist democracies. Their predilection for facile solutions rarely results in sound policies. 

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