Persistent supply-chain disruptions and new Delta risks slow growth since H2 2021

Last update – November 2021
Business environment risk
Political risk
Commercial risk
  • Very diversified end markets softening the impact of external shocks on firms’ revenues 
  • Asia’s rising middle class boosting demand for high value-added chemical products like cosmetics 
  • Shale gas bonanza giving US (petro)chemical groups a competitive edge in terms of cheaper input costs
  • Chemical specialties sales bolstered by the strong activity level of two of its main outlets (automotive, electronics), on top of the high demand for hand sanitizers and household cleaning products (Covid-19 fallout)
  • Emerging opportunities in green technologies amid growing concerns around plastics use and waste
  • Automotive, construction and electronics outlets accounting for a quarter of global chemical sales
  • Policy proposals related to regulation, trade and sustainability
  • Agrochemical products hardly meeting people’s higher concerns about environmental safety
  • High capital intensity combined with high degree of WCR and CAPEX
  • Petrochemical sales sensitive to changes in plastics demand and ethylene prices accordingly

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Country   Role Sector risk
China #1 market by revenue

Medium risk
United States
#2 market by revenue

Medium risk
Germany #3 market by revenue

Medium risk
Japan #4 market by revenue

Medium risk
South Korea
#5 market by revenue

Medium risk
India #6 market by revenue

Medium risk
Marc Livinec
Allianz Trade