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In 2000 Allianz introduced a Code of Conduct for Business Ethics and Compliance.

The Code of Conduct establishes minimum standards of conduct for all Allianz employees worldwide. The principles of the Code of Conduct are the basis for our every day business which basic principles are trust and integrity. We depend on the trust that our customers, shareholders, employees and publicity have in the integrity of Allianz business. The Code of Conduct should help every employee to avoid potential conflicts.

Code of Conduct for Business Ethics and Compliance (PDF, 328 KB)

In addition, Allianz SE has adopted a "Code of Ethics" addressed to the members of the Board of Management and senior financial officers in 2003. It sets standards of ethical and righteous behavior in the personal and professional area, particularly regarding the handling of conflicts of interest and the application of the highest corporate disclosure standards.

Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Professionals of Allianz SE (PDF, 34 KB)