Germany: In reverse gear

After a good start to the year, the German economy has gone in reverse gear. In the second quarter, seasonally adjusted GDP shrank by 0.1%.

Germany: Fasten your seatbelts!

No sign of recovery or even stabilization. In July, the mood in the German economy recorded another sharp decline and fell to its lowest level since spring 2013.

Germany: H2 2018 déjà-vu fuels recession fears

Thanks to gains in the production of capital and consumer goods, seasonally adjusted industrial production in May rose by 0.9% compared with the previous month. 

Germany: Gloomy outlook

Bad news for German industry: New orders in the manufacturing sector contracted sharply in May, falling by a seasonally adjusted 2.2% compared to the previous month. 

Germany: Lower sentiment for longer

German business sentiment registered a renewed albeit limited setback in June, falling to its lowest level since November 2014. 

EMU: Slow descent from the debt mountain

The consolidation of Eurozone public finances has made good progress in recent years, with the average fiscal deficit falling to a record low in 2018. But the legacy of the European debt crisis still looms large.

Germany: No all-clear for German industry

Good news for Germany’s industrial outlook: New orders in the manufacturing sector rose in April by a seasonally adjusted 0.3% compared to the previous month, meanwhile the value for the month of March was corrected upwards slightly (0.8%). 

Greece: In the right direction

The Greek economy’s return on a positive growth trajectory at the start of 2019 can largely be attributed to economic impulses coming from the domestic economy.

Germany: Strong start to the year, subdued outlook

The German economy’s strong start to the year can largly be attributed to economic impulses coming from the domestic economy. However, positive special effects - including the rather mild winter, catch-up car purchases and expansive fiscal measures supportive of private consumption - probably helped beautify the Q1 result.