As a globally operating company with customers all over the world, we rely on cultural diversity and internationality.

We are convinced of the extraordinary importance of a diverse workforce. In our view, the success of our global business depends in large part on employing people from different backgrounds who bring different perspectives and approaches to our business.

Allianz serves customers in over 70 countries worldwide. In order to live up to this claim, the composition of employees is becoming more and more international. 

This internationality and diversity of cultures is also reflected in our Board of Management: Germany is represented most frequently by five German Board members (Oliver Bäte, Dr. Barbara Karuth-Zelle, Dr. Klaus-Peter Röhler, Renate Wagner, Dr. Andreas Wimmer), followed by Italy (Sergio Balbinot, Giulio Terzariol) and one member each of Bulgaria (Sirma Boshnakova), British (Christopher Townsend), Spanish (Ivan de la Sota) and Austrian (Dr. Günther Thallinger) nationality.