Allianz extends F1 Sponsorship

Allianz sponsoring approach consists of a contract for trackside branding, an Official Global Partnership with Formula One™ and a team partnership with AT&T Williams.

"Extending our partnership clearly underlines our long-term commitment to Formula One™. It is a perfect platform to reach millions of people worldwide every race weekend," said Steven Althaus, Allianz Senior Vice President Global Market Management. In 2000, Allianz was one of the first financial service providers to sponsor Formula One™.

Steven Althaus, "Our key competence as a leading financial service provider is to help our customers to manage risks and opportunities.  Allianz knows the principles of managing risks – in financial services as well as in Formula One™. The safety and risk management standards in Formula One™ provide us with insights that we can use for the benefit of our 50 million motor insurance customers worldwide." Heading into the company's tenth sponsorship year, the affiliation between Allianz and Formula One™ has proven its worth.

Over the previous two decades, Allianz went through various acquisitions and rebrandings in different countries. To increase its brand awareness on a global scale the company has chosen to team up with Formula One™. In 2000 Allianz entered the Formula One™ arena through a team partnership with Williams. The company strengthened its engagement in 2002 through on-track advertising and in 2006 through pit lane branding at key races throughout the Grand Prix season. Allianz was the first sponsor to use pit lane branding.

As the Official Global Partner of Formula One™ since 2007, the company demonstrates its core competencies particularly with regards to risk management and road safety – the partnership with Safety Car driver Bernd Mayländer is an excellent example of this. In 2009, Allianz has deepened its AT&T Williams partnership through a road safety campaign with Nico Rosberg, AT&T Williams driver, to highlight the importance of wearing a seatbelt, the impact of speeding and the effects of drinking and driving.

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