We all have things going on in our lives – apart from our jobs. Small children, teenagers, or aging parents may need our attention or we have an important hobby or volunteer work we want to dedicate time to. To accommodate such needs, many Allianz companies offer flextime and individual part-time models as well as working from home – provided the needs of the business can be met through these alternative work arrangement. 

We also offer paid maternity leave and in the majority of our entities also paid paternity leave. Allianz childcare facilities, co-operations with external partners, or support in placing children help parents find suitable arrangements and further promote gender equity and work-life balance.

Other health and well-being initiatives are in place and many new ones were introduced during the pandemic, e.g., meeting-free days or virtual yoga and mindfulness classes. 

Some highlights from around the Allianz world:

Allianz UK provides guidance and support around Menopause in the Workplace

Allianz Turkey introduced one meeting-free day per month, and one meeting-free hour in the morning, at midday and in the late afternoon

Allianz Spain set up virtual sessions for resilience, remote team management and work-life balance

Allianz Technology runs a Global Mindfulness Community, and held a Global Well-being week incl. a Mental Health Day

Allianz SE provides an in-house childcare facility for employees