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Networking – Engagement –  Opportunities (NEO)

Allianz NEO is a global employee network with more than 18 local chapters that looks at gender balance, inclusion and equity. It evolved from local women’s networks to a global Allianz community, connecting all networks on the topic of gender equity. Achieving gender equity is not only an area where women can stand to gain, all genders do, and need to be part of the discussion.

The NEO network is a valuable resource for Allianz to keep the momentum in our journey to gender equity, to help find concrete improvement opportunities, create dialog and allyship, and communicate about important topics like

•  Breaking through gender stereotypes

•  Health and wellbeing

•  Resources and benefits, such as parental leave

•  Mentoring


Justine G. from Allianz Life, Lead of the Global Allianz NEO Board:

 “Gender equality is a topic that will always be close to my heart as it directly impacts my own work environment, relationships and career opportunities. I’ve also always had a passion for helping others and being part of something that is bigger than just me.

Combining these two things is why I am tremendously proud to be part of our Allianz NEO network. Our networks provide an invaluable forum for raising awareness, supporting one another and making gender equality part of who we are as a company so that all genders can unfold their full potential.” 

By signing the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles Allianz underlines their longstanding commitment to gender equity.

We are proud of the progress we have already made, and we continue to drive further change to create a fair and respectful workplace for all genders in which everyone can develop their fullest potential.