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Allianz People Fact Book 2020: License to skill

With the lifespan of skill sets shortening, companies must constantly reskill and upskill their workforce to meet the rapidly-changing needs and wants of customers. What skilling initiatives are under way at Allianz? The latest Allianz People Fact Book offers some insights...

Allianz People Fact Book 2018: A Lesson in Learning

With Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and other technological developments transforming the business landscape, how is Allianz preparing its workforce for emerging skill needs? Allianz People Fact Book 2018 provides some answers…

The complexity of simplicity

The latest symbol of Allianz’s simplification drive, our new career portal brings together diverse ideas and needs to create a sleek, simple look…

Allianz HR Fact Book 2017: People of tomorrow
People of Tomorrow

With rapid developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and the like, we’re now racing towards the “third digital decade”, which promises to be a lot more frantic, disruptive and unpredictable than those before. Allianz has taken the lead in giving its employees tools to stay ahead of the learning curve...

Allianz best at reaching out to potential candidates on digital space
Allianz best at reaching out to potential candidates on digital space

Market research company Potentialpark awarded Allianz the first place in a global ranking for the best digital recruiting communication. Allianz was also able to hold on to its number one position in Europe and Asia for the fifth time.

Death of the Cubicle
Death of the Cubicle

With its creative design and easygoing mood, the office of the future blurs the line between work and play. Creative designs, vibrant colors, open and closed spaces, there's a lot changing in our workspaces... 

Beware of generation generalizations
Millennials are optimistic pessimists

For people decidedly glum about the fortunes of their generation, millennials remain incredibly upbeat about their personal prospects, finds an Allianz study on millennials and their work attitudes and expectations

What millennials want from work
What millennials want from work

German millennials hate open offices, Chinese and Indian millennials love it, while U.S. millennials are the greatest fans of remote work, according to a new Allianz survey...

Allianz expands footprint in China with new Beijing branch
Allianz study: Millennials optimistic despite gloomy expectations

Millennials believe the world is more difficult and complex than their parents faced at the same age and are gloomy about the career prospects of their generation. They expect artificial intelligence and robotics to disrupt the workplace, and that employment insecurity and pressure in the workplace to perform will increase.