Allianz SE books provision in 1Q 2022 for Structured Alpha to address the remaining financial exposure in relation to compensation payments and under any resolution of the governmental proceedings

Pursuant to its active efforts to compensate investors in the Structured Alpha Funds of Allianz Global Investors U.S. Allianz has achieved additional settlements. In light thereof and progressing discussions with governmental authorities in the U.S., Allianz SE has decided today to book an additional provision of 1.9 billion euros in 1Q 2022 before tax. Allianz SE believes that this provision booked is a fair estimate of its remaining financial exposure in relation to compensation payments to investors and to payments under any resolution of the governmental proceedings. 

Allianz SE is seeking a timely resolution to the governmental proceedings in ongoing discussions with the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Allianz SE will inform about a resolution and its consequences for Allianz Global Investors beyond the aforementioned payment obligations once an agreement with the authorities has been reached. 

The provision will negatively impact the 1Q Group net income by 1.6 billion euros after tax, resulting in a net income attributable to shareholders of 0.6 billion euros. Group operating profit in the first Quarter 2022 amounts to 3.2 billion euros, while the Solvency II capitalization ratio stands at 199%. Net income attributable to shareholders will be adjusted for the Structured Alpha provision for the calculation of the dividend payout. Allianz SE policy to offer a dividend per share which is the higher of a 50% payout ratio or a 5% increase from the preceding year’s dividend remains unchanged.

Explanations of the alternative financial ratios used (Alternative Performance Measures (APM)) can be found on the website of Allianz SE, available at Alternative Performance Measures 2021.

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