The future is digital, and the present is increasingly shaped by digitalization. This also applies to the way we deal with history. Almost all documents from which history will be researched, interpreted and described in the future are now only created in digital form by default.

The Historical Archive currently stores the most important surviving sources from the history of Allianz on around 2.5 kilometers of shelves. In the future, this extensive collection will also be digitally secured and made accessible. To ensure this, we are working on an extensive digitization project. All stored files will be completely recorded electronically, the most important paper documents will be reproduced digitally, and new, exclusively digital sources will be permanently archived in a comprehensive database. This will improve availability for all users and secure our knowledge of the company's history for the future, thus avoiding a digital tradition gap.

More than half of Allianz's employees are female, and three women are members of the Allianz SE Board of Management, representing a share of 30%. Equality and the advancement of women are central components of Allianz's diversity concept. 

The history of women as employees at Allianz began over 100 years ago. With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, the company started to hire women. One of them was "Fräulein" Toni Wasservogel, born in the 1890s and one of only 3,500 female employees in the German insurance industry in 1915. She was a pioneer who would be followed by countless other women over the decades.

The story of women at Allianz was researched and told a number of years ago in an extensive exhibition and documented in a catalog. Are you interested in the story of Toni Wasservogel and this exciting aspect of Allianz's corporate history? Save the catalog of the exhibition and read more there.

On January 20, 1956, Allianz put the IBM 650 mainframe computer into operation, the first private company to do so in Europe. At the time, this marked the beginning of the era of modern IT at Allianz. The company had already entered the era of machine data processing 30 years earlier, in 1926. With the help of the most modern punch card technology at the time, employees managed life insurance policies faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Since then, information technology has radically changed the world, as it has the relationship between Allianz employees and customers. Under the title "Digital Times: History of IT at Allianz", an expanded new edition of a richly illustrated documentation on this exciting and highly topical subject has just been completed.

Are you already interested in the topic? Stay tuned and explore the new book telling the story of IT at Allianz yesterday, today and tomorrow. Please click here!