Lang Lang

Lang Lang playing on a grand piano

About Lang Lang and Allianz

Allianz partners with world-renowned pianist Lang Lang to harness the power of classical music to enrich lives and strengthen community and family bonds worldwide. Our relationship with Lang Lang and his Lang Lang International Music Foundation gives us a well-rounded platform from which to inspire the next generation of classical musicians.

About Lang Lang

Born in Shenyang, China, Lang Lang is one of the most famous classical pianists in the world today. He has performed at the 2014 World Cup concert in Rio de Janeiro, the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and with hundreds of celebrated orchestras in top venues worldwide. He is known for his emotional playing style and his zeal for increasing the popularity of classical music. 

Through his non-profit, the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, he is committed to inspiring the next generation of musicians and music lovers.

Portrait of Lang Lang
Group of children supported by the international lang lang music foundation

Lang Lang Foundation

The goal of the Lang Lang Foundation is to instill a love of music in the next generation, to develop the skills of young musicians, and to build confidence, motivation, and community spirit in youth worldwide.
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