Golf and Allianz

Golf is one of the world’s most popular sports: the 60 million golfers worldwide include men and women of all ages, and passion for the sport is often shared within families and passed down through generations. By supporting golf at both the professional and amateur levels, Allianz encourages community engagement, strengthens family bonds, promotes business relationship building, and helps young people learn and develop golf skills to become tomorrow’s champions.

Allianz Golf Partnership

Allianz is the only global partner of St Andrews Links, the iconic “Home of Golf” where some of the world’s first golf games – in which both men and women took part – were played over 600 years ago. Today, more than 230,000 rounds of golf are played on the seven courses that comprise the Links each year. This unique partnership provides numerous opportunities for Allianz to support both professional and amateur golf, to participate in shaping the next generation of golfers, and to enhance business relationships with our partners and customers.

In 2022, The Open will be the 150th playing of the championship and the 30th time that St Andrews has hosted the world’s biggest and most popular golf event. Our activities at St Andrews Links reflect our commitment to honoring the heritage of golf while promoting the future of the sport.

Allianz is proud to partner with a diverse array of sports teams, organizations, cultural figures, sporting venues, and educational programs. We forge relationships with partners who support diversity, spread awareness about important social issues, and educate future generations.

Partnership Office 

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