Overview of where Allianz offers free insurance to Ukrainian refugees and their helpers

To help Ukrainian citizens, Allianz has made the following available:

Car insurance

Ukrainian citizens seeking to cross the border via car can get insured by Allianz-supported insurance solutions* in the neighboring countries and other European countries, to cover the lack of green card car insurance.

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* Coverage is related to Motor Third-Party Liability (MTPL) insurance

Germany - other information & offerings

A note about the validity of Ukrainian drivers' licenses & proof of motor vehicle liability insurance for Ukrainian passenger cars

All Ukrainians holding a Ukrainian or an international driver's license are allowed to drive motor vehicles in Germany in the classes for which their driver's license is issued, as long as they are temporarily staying in Germany. Drivers of Ukrainian cars without a "Green Card" do not have to fear recourse. In the event of an accident for which they are at fault, the German insurers bear the damage. The German Green Card Office (external link, in German) takes care of the settlement. The assumption of these damages is initially valid until May 31, 2022. 

Further information on the validity of the Ukrainian driver's license in Germany and proof of motor liability insurance for Ukrainian cars (external link, in German):

Legal insurance

Support with legal questions and crisis hotline

Legal questions of our customers and any co-insured persons, also in connection with the reception of refugees, are generally covered by the insurance.

In addition, with the "Crisis Hotline Ukraine" (Tel.: 0800 11 22 555) we offer a first telephone legal advice service for refugees who have been accommodated in our customers' households.

Personal liability insurance

Extension of the group of insured persons to include Ukrainian refugees

All persons from Ukraine taken in in their own private home privately by our customers are automatically covered. This also applies to damage to rented property caused by refugees to the rented flat and for which the tenant is held liable by the landlord. We also extend the insurance coverage of the private liability to include the legal liability as owner or guardian of dogs of the refugees. 

Residential building insurance

Insurance coverage when taking in refugees

The insurance coverage also exists if you take in refugees from Ukraine temporary and free of charge at your home. This is not an increase of risk and there is no adjustment of the premium. In the case of vacant properties and/or risks not previously insured with us that are repurposed to accommodate refugees, an individual risk assessment is required.

Householders' insurance

Insurance cover for refugees, luggage and relief supplies

The household contents insurance PrivatSchutz 2.0 includes the personal household effects of the Ukrainian co-inhabitants. Likewise, the goods stored for relief transports in one's own home or garage are covered by the household contents insurance.

United Kingdom (LV=)

Home insurance

Does home insurance cover you to house Ukrainian refugees?

If you're an LV= home insurance customer, then yes, you're covered.

To support its customers who welcome Ukrainian refugees into their homes as guests, LV= is making the following commitments:

  1. We'll treat your Ukrainian guests as members of your family, rather than a visitor or paying guests.
  2. As they'll be treated as family members, their belongings will be covered by your home insurance policy up to the normal policy limits while they're staying with you. We won’t apply the lower limit of cover that usually applies to ‘visitor belongings’ .
  3. As they won't be treated as paying guests, theft will be covered even if there's no evidence of a break-in.

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