IFRS 9/17 are a set of International Financial Reporting Standards that define the classification and measurement of the assets and liabilities of insurance companies. From 2023, Allianz will adopt these standards for reporting its financial performance. 

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IFRS 9 specifies how an insurer should classify and measure its financial assets, while IFRS 17 defines the accounting of insurance contracts. This video will give you an overview of the two standards and also explain how they interact with each other. 

IFRS 9 addresses the accounting for financial instruments, including their classification and measurement. This video provides a more detailed look into how the IFRS 9 standard works. 

A standard that addresses the accounting of insurance contracts, IFRS 17 sets out principles for their recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure. Insurance contracts combine the features of both financial instruments and service contracts. This video provides a detailed explanation of the standard and its main features. 
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