• Change of personnel

    Mar 02, 2015  – 

    Sabia Schwarzer (45) will take over as Head of Group Communications for the Allianz Group on November 1, 2015. Schwarzer, of German-Indian descent and formerly a journalist for Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, joined Allianz in 1996 as Regional Head of Communications and Marketing for Asia-Pacific. From the regional headquarters in Singapore she set up and developed the communications and marketing department. In 2000 she was appointed Head of Communications and Marketing for the Group in North America (Nafta). She is married and has three children.

  • Brazil is heavily reliant on hydropower

    Mar 02, 2015  – 

    75% of Brazil's energy is produced in hydropower plants. As the second largest producer of hydropower in the world, the country is particularly reliant on the power produced by the Itaipú hydropower plant, which covers a quarter of Brazil's electricity needs.

  • Allianz raises target for real asset based financing to 110 billion euros

    Feb 26, 2015  – 

    Target previously at 80 billion euros / Maximilian Zimmerer: “Our customers benefit from attractive returns.”

  • Allianz continues to grow in revenues and profits

    Feb 26, 2015  – 

    Revenues up 10.4 percent to 122.25 billion euros / Operating profit grows 3.3 percent to 10.40 billion euros / Net income attributable to shareholders rises 3.8 percent to 6.22 billion euros / New dividend policy leads to proposed dividend of 6.85 euros per share / Operating profit outlook for 2015: 10.4 billion euros, plus/minus 400 million euros


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