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  • The "green lungs" are struggling to breathe

    May 04, 2015  – 

    Deforestation is one of the main causes of climate change and environmental damage. Allianz Open Knowledge presents the ten most powerful drivers behind this dangerous development.

  • Missing interest: You've lost €1500 since 2008!

    Apr 29, 2015  – 

    Missing interest: According to information published by the German Federal Bank, German savers have lost €120 billion in interest income as a result of lower interest rates since the outbreak of the financial crisis. 3 questions for Hans-Jörg Naumer, Allianz Global Investors.

  • Baby boomers' pensions cost the government almost a third more

    Apr 28, 2015  – 

    The baby boom in Italy isn't the same as the baby boom in Germany. Our series of graphics shows when the baby boom happened in different countries, and what the effect on our pensions will be when all the baby boomers give up work. Experts are already warning of a "silver tsunami".

  • Leadership change at Allianz Deutschland

    Apr 24, 2015  – 

    Manfred Knof new CEO of Allianz Deutschland / Markus Rieß to leave the company

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