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AllAbility is an initiative within Allianz SE that strives to promote the inclusion of employees with any kind of disability into Allianz world.

Our goals are to raise awareness on the topic of disability within the company, to ensure that all Allianz workplaces are free of barriers, and to promote Allianz internally and externally as an attractive employer for disabled people.


Our initiatives


Our main goal is to hire the best talents through inclusion of people with disabilities; in fact, our global headquarters in Munich offer multiple positions for skilled individuals of all backgrounds.

We are convinced that a diverse workforce is one of our company’s assets; everybody has special abilities and skills, so we proactively recruit talented employees with disabilities. Access Allianz jobs worldwide through our global job search.


At Allianz we strive to ensure that colleagues with disabilities are always supported and are able to deliver the best that they can. We know that every impairment is different, so our workplace is tailored to each employees individual needs, including flexible working hours, special equipment or personal mentorship as an example. We focus particularly on the onboarding process, to secure that the necessary tools are available on each employee’s first day on the job - managing office configuration and coordination with IT.

Corporate Culture

We at Allianz believe that it is important to have a diverse and inclusive workforce. Employing people from different backgrounds and making them feel included is, in our view, a major driving force behind the success of our global company. Allianz carries out measures to promote inclusion and has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment. This is measured annually in our employee engagement survey. On a global level, Allianz SE’s Diversity Council drives the implementation of a diversity strategy in all Allianz entities.

AllAbility Logo
AllAbility Logo

Our events

One Day at Allianz

A key activity of our AllAbility initiative is “One Day at Allianz”, a unique opportunity for students and recent graduates with a disability to spend one unforgettable day in one of the world’s leading insurance companies.The highlight of the event is the exclusive chance to shadow the business day of one of our senior executives and his/her team. One Day at Allianz takes places twice a year in spring and in autumn. If you want to participare or simply learn more, please visit our "One Day at Allianz" page.

Awareness Day

On a yearly basis we organize an Awareness day, to educate people on the topic of disability and to change negative attitudes about disabled people into positive recognition of their skills, needs and rights.

MyHandicap events

Allianz has an ongoing partnership with MyHandicap, an organization that acts as a platform for people with disabilities. An example of such a successful partnership has been the latest MyHandicap cycling tour, when 25 cyclists on tandem and hand bikes, on a long trip around Germany aimed at promoting inclusion in the labor market, paid Allianz a visit to meet with the staff and the Board.

Our team

The Team

The AllAbility project is driven by a group of highly motivated and committed Allianz employees from different business divisions. The team currently counts on the skills of 18 volunteers, who work on the AllAbility project alongside with their normal work responsibilities.

The Sponsor

The programm is sponsored by Dr. Maximilian Zimmerer, member of the Board of Management of Allianz SE.

The Ambassador

The AllAbility team counts on the advice and support of Anna Schaffelhuber, a German para-alpine skier who won five gold medals at the 2014 Winter Paralympics.

She has received the International Paralympic Committee‘s Sports Award as best female athlete and was named Germany‘s Disabled Athlete of the year for the fourth time in 2015.

AllAbility Logo