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A detailed glossary of terms and acronyms used in this Sustainable Development Report

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Our goal to be a trusted company for our customers and business partners is based on three pillars: protecting the environment, being transparent in our business activities and treating our partners with integrity and honesty.

For us as an insurer and investor, protecting the environment is part of our core business. We minimize our own CO2-footprint and support the development of a low-carbon economy. Our climate change strategy and our environmental management support our efforts and helped us become a carbon neutral company since 2012.

Smart city of the future

What is life like in the megacity of 2030? An Allianz report tries to find answers and already knows one thing: the Internet sits at the heart of it.

Climate & Energy Monitor

Allianz - Allianz Climate & Energy Monitor

The Monitor measures the need for investment for an energy transition among the world’s most important 19 countries and ranks them on their attractiveness for low-carbon investments.

Faces of Climate Change

Allianz - klima-galerie-pakistanj_low

Nine of the ten historical flood losses have occurred in the past 15 years. Photographer Gideon Mendel gives a human face to the natural disasters.

Low-carbon economy: what is our part?

Allianz - low_carbon_120x120

Allianz is constantly working on reducing its own carbon footprint, developing products that help to mitigate climate challenges and look for investment opportunities supporting the energy transition.

How does Carbon Offsetting work?

Allianz - carbon-neutral_90x150

Since 2012, we neutralize our remaining carbon emissions by investing in carbon projects like forest protection in Kenya. Together with our other carbon reduction strategies, these efforts made us a carbon neutral company.

Taste the waste

Moviemaker Valentin Thurn allows a glimpse into German trashcans full of food. His movie “Taste the Waste” was presented during an event of the Allianz Environmental Foundation.

Anticipate. Care. Enable.

We are encouraging solutions for tomorrow’s climate.
Find out how


CO2 emission reduction per employee since 2010

Sustainable Buildings: our real estate strategy

Allianz - sust_strategy_300x100

The Allianz Real Estate Sustainability Program helps to create the neccessary baseline to implement the right changes in the right properties.

Allianz Group Environmental Guideline

Allianz is committed to effectively manage its most significant environmental impacts.





of the energy we use comes from renewable, low-carbon sources

Allianz UK against Desmond, Eva and Frank

Allianz - UK_Flood_Jeremy_Trott_180x110

The UK is certainly no stranger to wet weather but when the three storms Desmond, Eva, and Frank hit the country in a row at the end of 2015, Allianz did its best to handle all claims in the best possible way.

2 Degrees for a better world

Allianz - 2degree_110x100

Allianz Climate Solutions and Allianz Global Investors joined the 2 Degrees Investing Initiative, a think-tank working to align the financial sector with the 2-degree climate goals.


of the energy we use comes from renewable, low-carbon sources

Our partners in climate

Allianz - home_acs_300x100

Allianz Climate Solutions combines Allianz’s expertise for climate solutions and a focus on renewable energy markets as well as energy efficiency.

Environmental Management: explanatory notes

Find out how we gather, analyze and report our environmental performance.

COP 21 2015: Five things to remember

Allianz - loeffler_151215_300x135

Allianz Climate Solution’s Karsten Loeffler experienced the 2015 climate talks in Paris first-hand. Here is what he took away.

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Customer relationship management

With our customers‘ trust we are able to build the strongest financial community. Daily challenges are influencing our customers’ attitudes, so it is absolutely vital for us to adapt our business to their altering needs.

Sustainability Report 2016

Allianz - Allianz_Group_Sustainability_Report_2016-low

Read more about sustainable development at Allianz in our full PDF report.

Report 2016