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Allianz warmly invites all stakeholders to provide feedback to and comments on this Sustainable Development Report.

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A detailed glossary of terms and acronyms used in this Sustainable Development Report

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We maintain good underwriting practices and fair claims handling, and offer a selection of sustainable products and services that support a low-carbon society and foster economic development at the same time.

As part of our climate change strategy, we are introducing more and more sustainable solutions to our customer offerings worldwide. These help our customers to prepare for the negative effects of climate change or to mitigate associated risks, to protect the environment and, in general, to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Have you planned your retirement yet?

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Maintaining your lifestyle and standards become more and more difficult. Our retirement planner helps you to plan ahead.

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Green Solutions offered to our customers
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Saving rice with RIICE

Allianz supports a satellite-based insurance solution for smallholder rice farmers in South East Asia and helps to ensure food security for the region.

Partnership for food security

Smart Repair: second-hand parts save good money

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From small dents to big bumps – Allianz offers a solution to bring your cars back on the road, in an environmentally friendly way.

What is Microinsurance?

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Allianz - microinsurance




58.6 Mn

of our customers are microinsured

Solutions for emerging customers

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We offer a variety of insurance solutions especially tailored to serve the needs low-income families. Find out more about our Microinsurance products.

Sustainable Insurance

Since 2014, Allianz has been a signatory to the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI). Annually, we disclose the progress of implementation.

Eco-friendly businesses

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Allianz in UK offers its commercial customers the service of energy certification for buildings, heating and cooling systems as well as assessment of efficiency.

Sensitive business sectors & the ESG screening process

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If an Environmental, Social or Governance risk is detected in one of the sensitive business sectors during due diligence, a mandatory referral process is triggered.

Green Solutions around the world

We offer a wide range of products that help our clients mitigate the risks of climate change and help us to positively impact society.

Our microinsurance footprint

The insurance industry tries to make it easier for anyone to get access to financial products. Our microinsurance products are available in many markets in developing countries.

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Responsible Sales

Our reputation depends on the quality of our products, the way we inform and advise customers, and on the personal conduct and capability of our sales employees and representatives.

Our roles and responsibilities

According to our stakeholders, Allianz finds itself playing various roles – as a company, as a corporate citizen, an employer, an insurer and investor – and we take our environmental and social responsibility seriously for all of them.

Sustainability Report 2015

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Read more about sustainable development at Allianz in our full PDF report.

Report 2015