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Allianz warmly invites all stakeholders to provide feedback to and comments on this Sustainable Development Report.

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A detailed glossary of terms and acronyms used in this Sustainable Development Report

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We maintain good underwriting practices and fair claims handling, and offer a selection of sustainable products and services that support a low-carbon society and foster economic development at the same time.

Our reputation is based on the trust that customers, shareholders, employees and the general public have in our integrity. This trust depends on the quality of our products, the way we inform and advise customers, and on the personal conduct and capability of our sales employees and representatives.

How can we help?

We are an international leader in assistance, travel insurance and health, life & home care services. We speak 58 different languages and work throughout the world with a network of 350,000 service providers.

Making our customers happy

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Customer satisfaction is the most important currency to measure Allianz Germany’s success. Results and improvements are published in their report.

Building engaging customer experiences

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Allianz has brought together insurance and digital experts from around the world under one roof - the Global Digital Factory - to revolutionize how customers interact with their insurance partner.

The fraud hunter

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Ludwig Budczinski has spent 26 years hunting down criminals on behalf of Allianz. He exposed cases of fraud; he took on agents and, over the years, saved his employer several million euros.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Allianz - tideway_tunnel_london_291x218

In these times of unchangingly low interest rates, Allianz invests in new and profitable infrastructure projects for their customers – like London’s sewer expansion project.

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Sustainable Solutions

Our sustainable solutions help our customers to prepare for the negative effects of climate change or to mitigate associated risks, to protect the environment and to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Sustainability Report 2016

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Read more about sustainable development at Allianz in our full PDF report.

Report 2016