Our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages

Our local partnerships with SOS Children’s Villages International (CVI) supports our mission by tackling the barriers to becoming self-reliant and increasing the resilience of today’s youth.
Our activities in the areas of emergency preparedness and response and youth employability are designed to promote the safety and development of children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Emergency preparedness and response

Natural and man-made disasters threaten the livelihood of millions of people worldwide – children and those living in regions where institutions are weak and resources are limited are disproportionally affected.

To react efficiently, local communities depend on the cooperation of global stakeholders. The emergency preparedness and response program of SOS CVI increases the resilience of young people and surrounding communities.

With the support of Allianz, SOS Children’s Villages International developed an emergency Preparedness Program – a holistic approach to disaster management which combines latest satellite technology, user-friendly information and a network of trusted local stakeholders to minimize risks for vulnerable SOS Children's Villages and the surrounding communities.

In the aftermath of a disaster, SOS Children’s Villages are able to collect vital information to support potential emergency response activations and design tailored emergency preparedness packages.

Our partnership supports SOS-CVI's emergency response programmes in situations of war and disaster when children need urgent assistance. Programs focus on care for unaccompanied children, protection of their rights, family reunification, psychological support, education and more.

Youth employability

Bright young minds shape the world of tomorrow, but systemic inequalities impede many of today’s youth. The lack of decent employment opportunities is particularly daunting for those who cannot count on the networks, resources and guidance of their own families.

We design and promote a diverse range of educational programs to promote youth employability. These include financial literacy trainings and online mentoring programs, providing young people with the necessary tools to pursue a secure and independent future.

Since 2017, we have supported YouthCan! – a program designed to enable the young people of SOS Children’s Villages to successfully manage the transition to independent adulthood.

By mobilizing employees, activating networks and providing expertise, we aim to increase employability and create uplifting and inspiring opportunities for young people.

Our international Online Mentoring program is one example. It connects Allianz employees with young adults from SOS Children’s Villages around the world to support them in gaining the right skills to enter and succeed in the job market.

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children's Villages provide quality care, education and health to at-risk children and families worldwide.


Empowering young people who lost or are at risk of losing parental care by supporting their transition to independence and decent work.

Allianz World Run

Our global fundraising event which supports SOS Children’s Villages and vulnerable communities worldwide.