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Allianz Sustainability Report

Collaborating for a sustainable future

In this year’s report, we are focusing on Allianz’s commitment to long-term climate protection – both through our business activities as an insurer and investor and our corporate operations. Like in previous years, the report gives you an overview of a wide array of topics from how we manage ESG risks and opportunities in our business, offer sustainable solutions, protect our customers, develop our people and engage in the community.

What’s new in this report:

In line with the findings of our new materiality assessment, we have adjusted the structure of this report to focus on how Allianz governs sustainability strategically and how it is integrated across its business activities and corporate operations. We have added new discussions of Allianz’s approach to cyber risk insurance, natural catastrophe insurance and data privacy and protection.

This report is aimed at specialist sustainability audiences and we target other publications, such as our sustainability brochure and website, towards non-expert customers and employees.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our report, we look forward to hearing from you at corporate.responsibility@allianz.com.


Non-Financial Report


Our sustainability reporting has come to fulfill a multitude of purposes and requirements – making it an important but challenging opportunity. The EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups (2014/95/EU) has introduced new rules for the disclosure of non-financial information from the 2017 Fiscal Year onwards. In compliance with these legal requirements, we published relevant non-financial information within the Governance section of the Group Annual Report 2019.