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Your daring vacation 2016

Welcome to #yourdaringvacation 2016. Read great stories about amazing vacations where people dared to do the unusual:  from racing to the Zugspitze to crossing the Alps on a bike, from alpine climbing classes to travelling through Cambodia.

Tibet trails: Serene, spiritual, special

Tibet in central Asia was this year’s travel destination for Lone Visby and for sure one of the most incredible and eye opening experiences.

Oh island in the sun - cycling from Dover to Durness

Bettina is an avid cyclist and has seen nearly every Alpine climb. This year, she left the Alps behind to cycle across Great Britain. Follow her #daringvacation 2016.

Running to the extreme: the Zugspitze Trailrun Challenge

Andrey’s #daringvacation 2016 focused on running. Running up the Zugspitze, to be precise. He took part in the Zugspitz Trailrun Challenge, and this is his story.

Oops, I did it again. And again: cycling across the Alps, part one

While simpling thinking of crossing the Alps on a mountain bike makes most of us wheeze and gasp, Christian waves it off with a shrug of his shoulders. He was riding across the Alps. Twice. In three weeks.

Oops, I did it again. And again: cycling across the Alps, part two

This is part two of Christians #daringvacation2016. After his first successful crossing of the Alps on his bike, he took part in the Bike Transalp Challenge from Austria to Italy.

Exploring Malaysia with 50 UK boy scouts

James Burge and 50 UK boy scouts went on a road trip to explore Malaysia to meet local scouts and guides for a fruitful cultural exchange. And it was a true success! Join them on their #daringvacation trip.

Allianz travel tips

How to travel in extreme heat

For many people, it’s not a summer vacation without scorching temperatures and plenty of rays. But beware— those factors aren’t always a good thing.

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Ten summer travel safety tips

Sunscreen? Check. Lifejacket? Check. But when it comes to staying safe on your summer vacation, there are other hazards you may not have thought about.

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Your perfect holiday packing list

Holiday Packing List - Allianz Global Assistance Pack like a pro with My Travel Checklist, a free widget provided by Allianz Global Assistance.

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