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Emergency Preparedness & Response

Partnership with SOS Children's Villages International

Global challenges need strong partners...

The consequences of climate change and natural hazards primarily affect those regions where institutions are weak and resources are limited. To react efficiently, the local communities depend on the cooperation of global stakeholders. Allianz’ interest in sustainable solutions and proactive risk minimization lies in its nature as an insurer and is shared by Allianz entities worldwide. 

With the support of Allianz, SOS Children’s Villages International developed the Emergency Preparedness Program. Introducing a new holistic approach to disaster management, the program combines latest satellite technology, user-friendly information and a network of trusted local stakeholders to minimize weather- and conflict-related risks for vulnerable SOS Children's Villages and the surrounding communities.

...and this is how we operate:


As natural and manmade risks are dynamic, proactive disaster management is a challenge.

The Emergency Preparedness Program aims to accelerate the reaction time spans of local staff by providing them with essential material, first aid and evacuation trainings, and contingency plans. Satellite technology and on-site assessments track the risk exposure of each SOS Children's Village and provide vital information for families and staff on the ground.


Basic supplies and psychological support are needed immediately after a disaster, and beyond.

In the aftermath of a disaster, the emergency packages provide necessary supplies such as basic food and medicine. SOS mothers and social workers offer psychological support to children in the SOS Children’s Villages and surrounding communities and assist in their long-term recovery process. To strengthen the resilience of the local facilities, existing evacuation plans are revised and optimized.

Based on in-depth assessments, SOS Children’s Villages are able to collect vital information to support potential emergency response activations and design tailored emergency preparedness packages. These packages focus on most urgent needs after a disaster - for instance, child protection, emergency water treatment, medical equipment and power supply.

With the support of Allianz, SOS Children’s Villages can be safe havens during natural disasters. In 2019, children and employees at the SOS Children’s Village in Mozambique stayed safe during the deadly Cyclone Idai.

As the cyclone approached the coastal city of Beira, children and staff at SOS Children’s Village Beira gathered at designated safe areas, equipped with water, torches and other emergency supplies. The children at the village remained safe and the homes suffered relatively little damage. In contrast, the storm devastated the city of more than 500,000 people. In response, Allianz provided further relief funds to support psychological and health care support, food, water, and sanitation facilities after
the cyclone.

“With Idai, we were all forced to put into practice what we learned. It was amazing to see the children taking the initiative. After the storm, they also helped to clean up the Village.”
Baptista Boa
Director of the SOS Children’s Village Beira

One of the most vital resources of the emergency program is psychological support that local staff provides to the victims of a  disaster. Children in the SOS Children’s Villages are under constant care of their SOS mothers. Family strengthening programs provide support to the local communities. In the aftermath of a disaster, SOS Children’s Villages serve as emergency hubs and child-friendly spaces for trauma relief. 

The Emergency Response program strengthens the protection and psychosocial well-being of children through providing access to education in a protective and secure environment, psychosocial support, child-friendly spaces, and child protection measures.

Join Sydney as she discovers the Emergency Preparedness Program in Ecuador!

World Runner Sydney Bailey visited the SOS Children's Village in Quito to learn how the Emergency Preparedness Program is helping communities to cope with natural threats.

SOS Children's Villages provide quality care, education and health to at-risk children and families worldwide. Discover their programs online.



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