Encouraging Future Generations

To amplify our role as a Committed Corporate Citizen, we created Encouraging Future Generations Program – our Social Inclusion program that targets better opportunities in training, education and employability for young people worldwide. We provide global programs with employee engagement elements to help the young. 

The Corporate Citizenship strategy is embodied in 3 major activities under the Encouraging Future Generations Program:

1.      Social Innovation Fund

2.      Future Generations Award

3.      SOS Children’s Villages Partnership

Each program serves the purpose of fulfilling Corporate Citizenship goals and provides opportunities for operating entities to enact the global strategy locally. As a commitment to UN SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth, our programs address mainly education, training and employability for youth globally.

Our Social Footprint

Measuring the impact on society from our corporate citizenship activities and upholding the principle of transparency are key aspects of our approach.

Under the Encouraging Future Generations Program, we would like to increase our reach to children and youth by 20% by 2020[i] within our corporate citizenship strategy.

Our Social Footprint is being measured against the Input-Output-Outcome-Impact model and has a focus on reaching children and youth through key impact indicators from our activities and programs. We have set a plan to gradually measure our impact by 2020.

Our Footprint is being tracked on operating levels, including data provided by our partners and later consolidated at the Group level annually. Progress made against the defined measurements is reviewed at the Group level by the Group Corporate Responsibility Team. The ESG Board is informed regularly on the progress made.

We communicate our impact and progress made in the fiscal year to our stakeholders in the annual Allianz Group Sustainability Report and other channels e.g. corporate website and social media. Our communication efforts are also supported by other channels e.g. hosting public events and NGO dialogues.


[i] Baseline as of YE 2018

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