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Responsible investment in asset management

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Allianz warmly invites all stakeholders to provide feedback to and comments on this Sustainable Development Report.

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A detailed glossary of terms and acronyms used in this Sustainable Development Report

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As one of the world’s largest investors, we are aware of our responsibility for our own as well as our customers’ money. We seek sustainable investments and use our understanding of ESG issues to reduce risk in our investment portfolios.

We are embedding ESG issues into our third-party asset management business, and offering sustainable products and services to our customers. Our two subsidiaries Allianz Global Investors (AGI) and PIMCO have different regional focuses and investment strategies. However, embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into asset management, and offering corresponding products and services, is common practice in both.

Allianz Global Investors and ESG

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At Allianz Global Investors, we have a longstanding commitment towards sustainability, dating back to 1999.

ESG Matters

The latest developments in the area of ESG integration into the business in Allianz Global Investor’s publication (click on the dropdown menu and choose “ESG matters”).

Publications from our experts

Not ten a penny

Allianz - ten-a-penny_ArminSandhoevel_104x130

When Allianz Global Investors launched the Allianz Renewable Energy Fund (AREF) in 2012, Armin Sandhoevel’s team was met by an immense amount of trust in the new business area.

Getting serious about investing responsibly

To date, much of ESG-related investing has focused on negative screening, but we believe there is a better approach.

Green bonds: environmentally-friendly investments

Green bonds may help investors target portfolio objectives as they help issuers target sustainability as well as business goals.

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A better perspective: Beyond the short-term

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Long-term thinking plays an important part, especially when it comes to strategic thinking and even more so in a world where information is flowing as fast as ever and thus encourages the opposite.

Climate Change and Investments

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It is crucial that the impact and significance of climate change is recognized from the top.

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Proprietary Assets

We strive to invest sustainably across all asset classes. In order to keep up with our ambition, we incorporate ESG factors into our investment processes. We firmly believe that is not a short-term trend, but will change business in the long run.

Our roles and responsibilities

According to our stakeholders, Allianz finds itself playing various roles – as a company, as a corporate citizen, an employer, an insurer and investor – and we take our environmental and social responsibility seriously for all of them.

Sustainability Report 2015

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Read more about sustainable development at Allianz in our full PDF report.

Report 2015