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Allianz warmly invites all stakeholders to provide feedback to and comments on this Sustainable Development Report.

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A detailed glossary of terms and acronyms used in this Sustainable Development Report

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Our goal to be a trusted company for our customers and business partners is based on three pillars: protecting the environment, being transparent in our business activities and treating our partners with integrity and honesty.

For us as an insurer and investor, protecting the environment is part of our core business. We minimize our own CO2-footprint and support the development of a low-carbon economy. Our climate change strategy and our environmental management support our efforts and helped us become a carbon neutral company since 2012.

Anticipate. Care. Enable.

We are encouraging solutions for tomorrow’s climate.
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Climate & Energy Monitor

Allianz - Allianz Climate & Energy Monitor

How have the investment conditions for renewable energy developed in the G20 countries? How much investment in power infrastructure is needed? 


CO2 emission reduction per employee since 2010

How does Carbon Offsetting work?

Allianz - carbon-neutral_90x150

Since 2012, we neutralize our remaining carbon emissions by investing in carbon projects like forest protection in Kenya. Together with our other carbon reduction strategies, these efforts made us a carbon neutral company.

Allianz Group Environmental Guideline

Allianz - footprint

Allianz is committed to effectively manage its most significant environmental impacts.

Our partners in climate

Allianz - home_acs_300x100

Allianz Climate Solutions combines Allianz’s expertise for climate solutions and a focus on renewable energy markets as well as energy efficiency.


of the energy we use comes from renewable, low-carbon sources

Environmental Management: Explanatory notes

Find out how we gather, analyze and report our environmental performance.

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Climate Change

How is climate change affecting our clients? It is not only about risks and damages. Allianz believes there are opportunities to help customers prepare and offers green solutions to assist.

Sustainability Report 2017

Allianz - SR_17_Cover

Our latest achievements in climate change mitigation, social inclusion, and ESG business integration.