Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ    

Allianz Reinsurance will cover:  flight to and from Munich (arrival: one day before the event, departure: afternoon/evening on the same day of the event), transportation, hotel, one dinner and one lunch.

The award targets current PhD candidates, current post-docs, recent PhD graduates and recent post-doctoral graduates. For PhD and postdoc graduates, graduation/defense of final research to obtain title should not be no more than two years before the time of the application.

No, the same author/applicant can apply only once. Send us your best research.

If there is a group project, the project lead or main author can apply as an individual applicant. Therefore, if the project ends up being a finalist, the monetary award and travel expenses will be awarded to the one applicant.

You are welcome to stay longer in Munich to see the city. However, Allianz Re will only reimburse costs related to the one-day event in Munich.

Allianz Reinsurance can provide the four finalists with an official invitation letter that can be given to the relevant authorities. However, Allianz  Re is not responsible for supporting with any other visa requirements or appointments.

No, the Award has a global reach. It does not matter where you are in the world. What matters is the quality of your research.

No, the Award is given to independent  researchers.

Allianz shall use the research only for publication and advertisement purposes of the Award for example in communication channels such as infographics on social media, interview with the author on Allianz’ own website. For further information please see the Terms & Conditions.