The effects of climate change can already be felt today. Developing countries are especially affected by impacts such as drought, flooding and other extreme weather events. But also developed countries will need to better anticipate the upcoming risks. The insurance industry as professional risk manager can play an important role in supporting the assessment and reduction of these risks, as well as the transfer of these risks to capital markets via insurance solutions.

At Allianz, several departments are working towards integrating climate change aspects in our insurance business. You will be introduced to colleagues from Allianz Climate Solutions, Allianz Re Cat Research and Development Department, and Allianz Group Corporate Responsibility.

Allianz Re

Allianz Re is the reinsurance arm of the Allianz Group. Headquartered in Munich, Allianz Re has offices located close to key markets in Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States, tailoring reinsurance solutions to the diverse business needs of customers worldwide. As a global organization, we bring together a team of international experts in both the underwriting and risk management fields; combining global and local market expertise and multi-segment know-how. 

Allianz Re Cat Research and Development Department

At Allianz Re, our meteorologists, hydrologists, seismologists, geographers and mathematicians currently model around 50 nat cat scenarios for the Allianz Group, with data captured using best-in-class standards.  Applying their understanding of these perils to the Allianz portfolio with its insured values, they assess its overall nat cat risk. Vendor and in-house applications build a quick picture of risk accumulation in any defined location, forming the basis for effective risk management measures.

Allianz Corporate Responsibility

As a global insurer and long-term investor, sustainability is part of our DNA. We think in long-term outcomes and how we can make the world a more resilient place. We help our customers to cope with challenges such as climate change and natural catastrophes, personal safety and data security risks and momentous changes sweeping society.

As an insurer and long-term investor, social and environmental responsibility is fundamental to our day-to-day business because we commit to deliver on our promises for our customers not only today but also in the coming decades. Over the last nearly 127 years, we have built systems and processes that help us to do business in a sustainable way. Our Corporate Responsibility Strategy is organized around three pillars through which we respond to our material issues: low-carbon economy, social inclusion and business integration.

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Picture: Nasa/JPL (2011)
On Oct. 23, 2011, when this image from NASA Terra spacecraft was acquired, flood waters were approaching the capital city of Bangkok as the Ayutthaya River overflowed its banks.