Allianz and Climate-related Financial Disclosure

The TCFD’s four-pillar framework provides guidance for companies on how to consistently disclose risks and opportunities from a changing climate as well as to integrate them in their business. Allianz, as an active driver of best practice and tools, strives to continuously enhance its reporting and business practices.

We strongly believe that, for customers and investors to be able to make informed decisions, companies must report comprehensively on how they tackle dominant global long-term trends, such as climate change.

We’ve advocated for greater transparency and reporting on climate change risks by companies for a number of years. As such, we strongly support the 2017 recommendations of the TCFD, which aim to provide guidelines for companies to consistently disclose on climate-related risks and opportunities; resulting in meaningful information to their stakeholders.

In June 2017, Oliver Bäte, along with other CEOs of leading companies, signed the Statement of Support for the TCFD Recommendations and called for improved disclosure across sectors and regions.

We also called upon the German Chancellor and Finance Minister during Germany’s G20 presidency to support the TCFD recommendations.

Furthermore, we signed a statement by global business leaders initiated by the World Economic Forum, calling on G20 governments to formally accept and act on the recommendations of the TCFD.

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Risk and Opportunity

Metrics and Targets

How do we
govern climate-
related risks and
How do we
integrate actual
and potential
impacts on
strategy / financial planning
How do we
identify, assess,
and manage
risks and
What metrics and
targets do we use
to assess and
manage climate-
related risks
and opportunities
We are encouraging other companies – within our sector and beyond – to step up and improve their disclosure on climate-related issues. We do this, for example, through our active memberships in The B Team, the World Economic Forum Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, the UNEP FI, and the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition.  Our other efforts include working with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to promote the strategic assessment and management of climate risks and opportunities.

Our Climate-related Financial Disclosure

Read our detailed climate-related financial disclosure, in section 05 of our Sustainability Report 2019.