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Climate Change

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Allianz warmly invites all stakeholders to provide feedback to and comments on this Sustainable Development Report.

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A detailed glossary of terms and acronyms used in this Sustainable Development Report

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Climate Change

We encourage solutions for tomorrow's climate

For us as an insurer and investor, protecting the environment is part of our core business. Our climate change strategy and our environmental management help us anticipating climate risks, caring for the climate-vulnerable and enabling a low-carbon economy, also by being a carbon-neutral company since 2012.

Anticipate. Care. Enable.

The Climate Change Strategy of Allianz

Promoting transparency on climate change:

Allianz endorses Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures


Our ambitious climate protection package

Allianz - parisagreement

We are significantly expanding our approach to climate protection to actively shape the global change to a low-carbon economy over the coming decades.



Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

Allianz - AZRe-_CRR-Award_logo

Allianz Risk Barometer 2018

Allianz - risk_barometer_climate_change

Natural catastrophes and climate change are considered top risks by our customers and experts.

Our Role is to Provide Resilience for Society

Allianz Re CEO Amer Ahmed discusses why we need to face climate change now and how the insurance industry can help to close the protection gap.


We anticipate the risks of climate change for our business.


We work to protect and care for our insurance customers vulnerable to climate.


We enable the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Climate Change Strategy

How is climate change affecting our clients? It is not only about risks and damages. Allianz believes there are opportunities to help customers prepare and offers green solutions to assist.

TCFD Framework

Our reporting on climate change risks and opportunities along the TCFD framework

Sustainability Report 2017

Allianz - SR_17_Cover

Our latest achievements in climate change mitigation, social inclusion, and ESG business integration.