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Our A-Z sustainability journey

Many sustainability issues influence our daily business. Have you ever wondered why and how a company like Allianz addresses them? Join our journey and find out more!

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Sustainability strategy

Sustainable Development (SD) is an inherent part of our business as an insurer and long-term investor. It has an impact on us in many ways, and as a result, the Group cultivates a culture of corporate responsibility.


Materiality and reporting approach

To determine our material issues we use a wide variety of stakeholder dialogues and information sources. We strive to make our sustainability performance as transparent as possible and aim to produce a user-friendly and stakeholder-oriented sustainability communication.


Sustainability management and governance

Sustainability is a continuously evolving strategic business issue. As a consequence, we adapt our organizational structures, governance setup and the way we manage sustainability issues over time.


Our Performance

We are working on integrating sustainability into the business. Find out more on our performance and progress made in 2013.


Sustainability @ Allianz

Watch our video and learn more about how and why sustainability matters for Allianz.


Allianz recognized as one of the leading insurance companies for sustainability

In the announcement of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), Allianz was named one of the sustainability leaders in the insurance industry - again.


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Note regarding our sustainability report

Are you looking for our sustainability report? It is right here! Not for download, but to discover! Join us on our journey through the Allianz sustainability world and browse through lots of interesting webpages! A good starting point might be our navigation. Have fun!

Future Village

Future Village Jühnde

A small village is leading the way into an alternative energy future – and it’s doing it entirely without oil, coal or nuclear power. Instead, it uses a great deal of resourcefulness.


Video: Diversity @ Allianz

Video: Diverstiy @ Allianz Group

Employing people from different backgrounds and making them feel included is, in our view, a major driving force behind the success of our global company.


Positive impact of Microinsurance

Siti’s daughter Zakiyah (far right) with Allianz and MFI staff

Earnings between USD 1.25 and USD 4.00 daily. An exemplary customer story from Indonesia shows how microinsurance can help to protect low-income people from falling into poverty.


How efficient do we use energy?

How efficient do we use energy?

There are several reasons to increase the energy-efficiency of properties. Allianz supports its customers with various solutions around the energy efficiency of buildings.


Change from the bottom up

United Nations Climate Change Conference

The United Nations Climate Change Conference came to an end 32 hours later than originally planned.  Karsten Löffler, Managing Director of Allianz Climate Solutions, participated.


Natural disasters: Top ten cities

Top ten largest cities exposed to natural disasters

According to a recent urbanization report from the United Nations, these are the top ten largest cities with the highest risks to experience natural disasters.


CEO statement

Allianz's commitment to sustainability comes also from the top. Read this year's CEO statement!

Allianz's commitment to sustainability comes also from the top. Read Michael Diekmann's 2013 statement!


Our performance 2013

Allianz Sustainability Performance Index 2013

How are we doing? Examine our 2013 performance data in the areas of business, environment, people and ethics.


Climate change strategy

climate change strategy

Learn more about Allianz's Group-wide climate change strategy as well as the opportunities and risks for our business.


Global issues

Our business is affected by a variety of global, long-term issues. Find out more about our approach to deal with the three major issues we have identified.

As a global financial services provider serving around 70 markets, the success of our business is heavily affected by a variety of global and long-term issues.


Climate Change

World of Information - Climate change

Explore the Allianz World of Information on Climate Change that brings together expert interviews, stories, facts and figures as well as research results.


Sustainability in Practice

Sustainability in Practice / Credits: Westend61

Explore stories on how we are putting sustainability into practice and learn more about our activities and achievements in over 70 countries in different parts of the world.


Our ESG approach

credit: westend61

Allianz is committed to integrating sustainability in investment activities and underwriting. Learn more about how we are managing this journey.


Environmental management

We are strongly committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Here you can read more about our carbon reduction strategy.


Community engagement: important topic at Allianz

Explore how we, as a global company, support various communities and organizations with our skills and knowledge, time and money.



Sustainability connected

Connected, today and tomorrow

As a global financial services provider the success of our business is heavily affected by a variety of global, long-term issues. Find out how all of these issues are connected and how we tackle them to develop sustainably now and in the future.

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GRI Index

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  Our Sustainability Story

As a financial services provider, Allianz is well aware that our actions today have an impact on future generations. We make promises to our customers today that we need to keep long into the future. As such, sustainability is an inherent part of our business as an insurer and long-term investor.

We have identified three global issues which greatly impact our business, now and in the future: access to finance, climate change, and demographic change. Whilst they present us with many opportunities, they also pose challenges that we need to overcome in our daily business.

Find out how we approach these three global issues and why sustainability in general is important for Allianz in our video.