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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable development is a crucial element of Allianz’s daily business. We continually promote and monitor the development of products and services that create social value or support sustainable development. We have created a program called ‘Sustainable Solutions’ to identify the insurance, asset management products and assistance services that we offer to improve peoples’ lives, make a positive environmental impact, or address climate-related concerns. With our Sustainable Solutions we are able to protect our customers while actively contributing to environmental and societal improvements.

Which solutions could be considered sustainable?

Our Sustainable Solutions are offered to both commercial and retail customers. On the commercial side, this includes tailor-made insurance products for large-scale renewable energy projects, green building insurance, and advisory services to cover facilities or office buildings that are built or refurbished to improve resource efficiency.

For retail customers, examples include special discounts on car insurance for drivers with fuel-efficient and electric vehicles, property insurance for roof-mounted solar panels, and investment products that allow customers to invest their money in funds that support sustainable development.

In order to be classified as a sustainable solution, a product or service must fulfil minimum requirements based on at least one of the Sustainable Solutions criteria below.

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Environmental criteria
Social criteria
  • Supports the development of sustainable technology and markets such as renewable energy, environmental goods and services, and green infrastructure.
  • Conserves natural resources , biodiversity or helps to mitigate against climate change, e.g. solutions that encourage or reward environmentally responsible behavior.
  • Protects against environmental risks and supports adaption to climate change impacts, e.g. insurance or incentives to manage weather-related risks.
  • Facilitates activities to tackle social challenges and issues faced by socially disadvantaged groups.
  • Specifically tailored solutions for socially disadvantaged groups, e.g. products aimed at reducing the risk of underserved groups by providing otherwise unavailable access to finance.
  • Raises awareness to prevent and mitigate challenges faced by socially disadvantaged groups.

For more details about our sustainable solutions criteria, please see the ESG Integration Framework.

Every year we review the performance of our Sustainable Solutions and report the conclusions in section 03.4 of our Sustainability Report 2019.

Sustainable asset management solutions

Our two asset management entities Allianz Global Investors and PIMCO offer a broad range of sustainable investment products. They have put great effort into the development of a broad range of approaches to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance criteria throughout their entire investment value chain. This variety allows them to adjust the investment to our client’s preferences. Visit Allianz Global Investors and PIMCO websites for more information:

Solutions for Emerging Consumers

The World Bank and OECD estimate that the emerging consumers market includes a potential 3.7 billion customers. Allianz is a leader in the emerging consumers sector offering tailor-made products and services to people living in low-income countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.