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Responsible investment of our proprietary assets

As one of the world’s largest investors, we are aware of our responsibility for our own as well as our customers’ money. We seek sustainable investments and use our understanding of ESG issues to reduce risk in our investment portfolios.
The ESG Framework outlines how ESG criteria are systematically integrated into the decision making processes of insurance and investment.

7.2 bn

Euro debt and equity investments in renewable energy


90 wind parks and 9 solar farms in our renewable energy portfolio

Allianz joins two UN-convened initiatives to support climate and sustainable development 

The aim is to bring investors together to work on climate change and the sustainable development goals.

We strive to invest sustainably across all asset classes. In order to keep up with our ambition, we incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment processes, for example through our exclusion policy, research, corporate and country analysis, asset manager selection, monitoring and risk management. We firmly believe that considering ESG factors in investment management is not a short-term trend, but will change business in the long run.