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Over 140,000 people (as of December 31, 2016) work within Allianz Group worldwide. They deal with all aspects of the business of an international financial services provider, offering products and services to 86 million customers in more than 70 countries.

Allianz is the home for those who dare

Our employees have made Allianz one of the world’s strongest financial services companies. We are confident that Allianz will continue to be successful despite an economic environment that is becoming faster and more volatile. Our Renewal Agenda is preparing us for that. To implement this agenda, we need to have even more people driving change and innovation: Allianz is the home for those who dare.

We want to continue Allianz’s success with the best talented people and innovators. HR aims to offer a great experience from your very first contact with Allianz. That is why we started transforming our human resource activities to make you experience HR in a simpler and smoother way.

While transforming, we continue to deliver extraordinary results: last year Allianz was named as one of the best employers in many countries. We are building on this achievement: we foster a working environment at Allianz where both people and performance matter; we take a stance regarding gender equality and diversity in our company; we care for health and safety, and we invest in the talent and abilities of our employees. With AllianzU we have launched a completely new approach for learning and development: the platform will serve all employees as a central hub for learning activities.

Our people are our most valuable capital. This HR Fact Book is a comprehensive and quick guide for everyone interested in our workforce, our aims and our efforts. Whether you are a long-term employee, a newbie or simply interested in working for Allianz, it will provide you with interesting insights and an impression of our diverse world.

I hope you enjoy discovering Allianz and its people – people who dare!

Dr. Christian Finckh
Chief Human Resources Officer at Allianz

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Employee Structure & Diversity

Allianz - work_well_280x150

Work Well @ Allianz

Allianz - learning_development_280x150

Learning & Development

Allianz - rewards_performance_280x150

Reward & Performance

Allianz - employee_attractiveness_280x150

Employer Attractiveness

Allianz - employee_engagement_280x150

Employee Engagement

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We want to employ people with different backgrounds and make them feel included. We are proud of our zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment. This is, in our view, a major driving force behind our success.

HR Fact Book

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Download our HR Fact Book 2016 as PDF:

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