Allianz Supports UNHCR Initiative

Leading refugees into qualified jobs – this is the main purpose of #WithRefugees initiative, hosted by the UNHCR Allianz recently joined the program and offers vocational training for young woman and men from crisis-ridden regions.

Mahmoud and Mohammad, as they like to be called, are both Syrian refugees and Allianz employees. On September 1 2017, they started their vocational training to become insurance and finance experts. Both also star in one of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) initiative #WithRefugees videos, which was screened in October at a conference in Geneva. It focused on questions like: How to take greater account of refugees in recruiting processes? How to tackle language barriers for the young talents?

As early as 2015, refugees are able to conduct internships in various departments within Allianz. Twenty of them have now begun either the vocational training, a dual course study or are working in a vocational preparation class. Both forms are accompanied by language training. "We are pleased that thirteen of the new colleagues are working in business-related areas," said Michael Bräuning, head of integration initiative project office. “After all, the additional linguistic challenge entailed by the insurance terminology is not to be underestimated."

Over the next few weeks, the new members of the Allianz family will be acquainting themselves with the working environment and taking the next step of integrating into the German society. An individual training and support concept has been specifically developed for them. "Our employees help the refugees to integrate, volunteering in language coaching, mentoring and as so-called Freizeit-Buddies (buddies during their leisure time). I think our volunteers' dedication particularly commendable, and I would like to thank everyone supporting the refugees' integration within Allianz," says Ulrike Zeiler, head of the HR executive division.

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