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The figures and forecasts provided by our Allianz global research network are designed to back your decisions on investment and in finance and insurance matters.

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Lifelong partnership

Lifelong partnership

Getting married, having a child, caring for parents, planning for retirement, surviving the loss of a loved one - each of these brings responsibility and also a change in your financial focus. As your life changes, our solutions will change with you thus giving you the confidence you need to look after the ones you love.

Life keeps changing

Allianz helps everyone, all over the world, with the financial security needed to start, grow and look after a family. Our investment funds and personal saving plans provide dependable financial growth to support you now and in the future, regardless of what happens. We have private pension and life insurance products to help in retirement. We can also cover every aspect of your family’s needs, such as your health and personal liability insurance.

Make the most of your life

Staying fit and healthy allows you to make the most of your life. Our health solutions help protect you and those who are reliant upon your wellbeing. At every stage of life, we offer comprehensive health insurance that’s right for you. As you get older your health needs change, we can provide supplementary insurance options that cover extra services such as nursing care, which protect you long into your retirement. If you have dependants that rely on your income, then our health insurance solutions will provide financial stability whilst illness or injury prevents you from working.

A good plan for your children

At Allianz, we also provide tailored education plans to give your children the very best start in life. We offer long-term capital growth investment funds, asset management and savings solutions to support them from pre-school to post-graduate studies. You’ll benefit from the knowledge of a global network of experienced and highly qualified advisors who also understand your local requirements. Allianz also financially supports education and science centers of competence to encourage talent, economic development and a more equitable globalization.

Help on site

Help on site

Allianz Global Assistance takes care that you are safe: In Malindi, Kenya, 400 tourists lost everything in a fire. Allianz’s “K” plan was the first to provide help and comfort in this emergency situation.

What we can do for you

  • We can cover every aspect of your family’s needs, including life, health, home, car or personal liability insurance.
  • Our investment funds and personal saving plans provide dependable financial growth to support your family today and in the future.
  • We provide integrated travel insurance as well as assistance and customer service solutions for your travels.

Global presence

Allianz Global Assistance, the emergency assistance subsidiary of Allianz, works with a worldwide network of 180 correspondents, operation centers in 27 countries and 400,000 service providers. Allianz Global Assistance performs one intervention every three seconds. The Group’s services benefit 250 million people, or four percent of the world's population, with 2800 people assisted every hour.

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Allianz operates as an international insurer on almost every continent. We have deep roots in our home market: Western, Northern & Southern Europe. In Central & Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific Allianz is one of the leading international insurance companies. With different emphases we are present in America and Africa.