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Who we are

Who we are

Allianz Real Estate: successful worldwide in the most important real estate markets of the future.

Allianz Real Estate is one of the world's leading property investment and asset managers. Under the strategic management of the holding in Munich and Paris, country branches are locally responsible for the operative management in their market regions. Through this, Allianz Real Estate is able to secure its long term local presence in the key markets of the future. The goal hereby is the development and management of a globally diversified and centrally managed real estate portfolio on behalf of the Allianz investors.


The 450 real estate specialists of Allianz Real Estate follow an active Buy-Manage-Sell strategy as part of their professional portfolio management. The close proximity of the country branches to the most important markets and customers enables them to acquire, at short notice, the suitable real estate for the portfolio, professionally manage this locally, and then sell at the best time.

The investment and asset management companies in Germany and France and the office in Singapore show how successful local operative implementation can be. Allianz Real Estate Germany is responsible for the markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia whilst Allianz Real Estate France is responsible for real estate business in France and the Benelux countries. The successive development of further operative country branches will be an important task for Allianz Real Estate in the coming years.

Broad diversification

Allianz Real Estate is successful through the diversification of its portfolio. It distributes direct and indirect investments worldwide and focuses on a range of utilisation types: besides office real estate, retail real estate will also become more important in the future; residential real estate also belongs to the portfolio. With special utilisation types, for example logistics real estate, Allianz Real Estate prefers indirect investments.

Our buying strategy

Our buying strategy

Allianz Real Estate invests globally in direct and indirect real estate products.

Key investment criteria

  • Direct Investments in prime office and retail centers in major locations throughout the eurozone
  • Chiefly core/core+ products starting from 50 million euros
  • Its portfolio is expanded through joint ventures and co-investments with other market leaders in their respective markets or asset classes
  • Risk diversification and performance improvement achieved through the purchase of senior debt investments and preferred equity positions in real estate
  • Fund investments in specialized asset classes (e.g. logistics and senior housing) and markets where Allianz does not operate directly
  • Financing of commercial property in prime locations, loan-to-value of  50 - max. 70%, long-term fixed rate loans of  7-10 years

Allianz targets properties combining rising returns with a reasonable risk.

Our management strategy

Our management strategy

Active property management is taken care of by the asset managers of the various Allianz Real Estate companies.

Its strategy comprises

  • Active commercial letting

  • Client-oriented support for current and prospective tenants

  • Cost and revenue management

  • The selection and management of property management contractors

Allianz Real Estate is one of the largest lessors of office and retail space in Europe. Successful asset management hinges on close, long-term partnership with tenants.

Services include

  • Letting attractive properties in a variety of quality levels

  • Transparent leases with no hidden surprises

  • Flexible layout, fixtures and fittings

  • Advice on location, space requirements, layout, and expansion options

Our sales strategy

Our sales strategy

Our sales strategy: Allianz Real Estate to concentrate on large, high-yield properties in major European cities.

Under its buy-manage-sell strategy, Allianz Real Estate regularly sells real estate – chiefly high-yield office, retail and residential properties at top locations in Europe.

In future, its portfolio will contain fewer small items while its previous concentration on Germany is to be reduced in favor of European investments. In addition, Allianz Real Estate has been systematically restructuring its property portfolio since 2009 by selling off small, attractive real estate in peripheral locations and small towns and purchasing larger, prime properties with stable rental income, mainly in top European cities.

By 2013 it plans to have divested itself of property with a total value of about 1 billion euros and concluded the restructuring of its portfolio.

More information online

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Examples from Allianz Real Estate's portfolio



Allianz - global_lines_real_estate1_295

Forum Amsterdam

  • Prime office building, winner of the 2002 MIPIM AWARD
  • Investment volume: approx. 80 million euros
  • Rental space: approx. 9,000 sq m



Allianz - global_lines_real_estate2_295

Europa Passage

  • Shopping mall, winner of the 2007 MIPIM AWARD
  • Investment volume: approx. 430 million euros
  • Rental space: approx. 60,000 sq m retail, office and catering space



Allianz - global_lines_real_estate3_295

One Beacon Street

  • LEED certified prime office building
  • Co-investment, Allianz interest 50%
  • Rental space: approx.94,500 sq m

New York City

New York City

Allianz - global_lines_real_estate4_295

1301, Avenue to the Americas

  • Prime office building opposite Rockefeller Center
  • Co-investment, Allianz interest 25%
  • Rental space: approx.167,000 sq m



Allianz - global_lines_real_estate5_295

Boulevard Haussmann/ Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré

  • Office and commercial building in a prime location
  • Investment volume: approx. 100 million euros
  • Rental space: approx. 10,600 sq m



Allianz - global_lines_real_estate6_295


  • Premium office block opposite Frankfurt Opera House
  • Investment volume: approx. 235 million euros
  • Rental space: approx. 32,000 sq m

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Allianz operates as an international insurer on almost every continent. We have deep roots in our home market: Western, Northern & Southern Europe. In Central & Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific Allianz is one of the leading international insurance companies. With different emphases we are present in America and Africa.