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The figures and forecasts provided by our Allianz global research network are designed to back your decisions on investment and in finance and insurance matters.

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Who we are

Who we are

Allianz Global Reinsurance stands for all reinsurance business conducted at Allianz Group. This includes traditional and structured reinsurance, provided through Allianz SE Reinsurance (Allianz Re) and Allianz Risk Transfer AG and its subsidiaries (ART).

It’s the Allianz Group’s aspiration to build the world’s strongest financial community as a trusted partner for its clients. Allianz Global Reinsurance contributes to achieving this goal – as one of the Group’s key risk steering instruments. We provide reinsurance capacity and services to Allianz companies, leverage diversification effects of a global portfolio and manage peak risks. The business written with open market clients helps to complement and further diversify the Allianz Group portfolio.

Allianz Global Reinsurance has strong capabilities across the range of reinsurance products, but is particularly renowned in financial engineering, risk management and capital market transactions. This strong combination of skills, experience and capacity is at the core of our mission of understanding risk and protecting value. 



Allianz Global Reinsurance

  • is a professional reinsurer with excellent know-how and underwriting expertise in traditional as well as non-traditional reinsurance solutions and services
  • serves as Allianz' center of competence in Nat Cat Management, Agricultural Reinsurance and Weather-related insurance.
  • as a key steering instrument manages the Allianz Group's exposure according to its risk appetite.
  • provides the Allianz SE's First Class security (AA rating from S&P)

Client and business strategy

  • Aiming to develop a stable and sustainable portfolio on the basis of long-term client relationships
  • Providing great security and a consistent underwriting approach to defined customer and market segments


Solutions and Services

Solutions and Services

With about 300 employees worldwide, Allianz Global Reinsurance serves more than 400 clients in about 90 countries. Dedicated teams of professionals offer local market knowledge, language capabilities and tailor-made solutions in a broad range of reinsurance business lines.


  • Treaty: Market knowledge and broad expertise across all lines of business.
  • Our Expert and Underwriting Services team provide in-depth technical expertise of the major business lines through training, research analysis and product development.
  • Credit & Bond Reinsurance offers substantial capacity and services to our clients.
  • Agriculture Reinsurance: Based in Zurich, our Agriculture team is the Group’s center of competence, working closely with our clients to develop new products and tailored reinsurance support.

Non-traditional business

  • Risk transfer solutions: Complementing the product offerings of Allianz Re, Allianz Risk Transfer provides bespoke risk transfer solutions for insurance and reinsurance companies. For each client we offer highly specialized boutique services often unavailable elsewhere.
  • Insurance Linked Markets: Allianz Risk Transfer acts as structurer and sponsor of Catastrophe Bonds, brokers private placements between Allianz and investors and event driven insur­ance exposures for the capital or (re)insurance markets.
  • Weather: The Allianz Weather Team is a collaboration of ART and Allianz Re committed to provide risk protection for a wide range of weather risks. ART has a dedicated team pro­viding traditional and non-traditional weather products to corporate and retail customers.

Life & Health

  • Our experienced team provides solutions and services for both traditional business as well as in specialty areas.
  • We give access to customized and cost-effective solutions. There is a special emphasis on the capital management and optimization needs of our customers.
  • Variable Annuities: Allianz Re works closely with Allianz Group customers on product design, hedging strategies and risk management.
  • All Net: Allianz Group offers employee benefits solutions for multinational corporate clients through our global network.

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Allianz operates as an international insurer on almost every continent. We have deep roots in our home market: Western, Northern & Southern Europe. In Central & Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific Allianz is one of the leading international insurance companies. With different emphases we are present in America and Africa.