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Who we are?

Allianz Global Life Designated Activity Company

Allianz Global Life is a specialized provider of retirement and group life solutions. Founded in 2008, the company has rapidly developed its business through its headquarters in Dublin and branches established in France, Germany and Italy.

Allianz Global Life also offers international group plans to corporate and governmental clients for life, accidental death and dismemberment. We are able to provide stand-alone coverage of biometrical risks as well as co-insurance arrangements for life and health benefits in cooperation with other Allianz partners.

The company is part of Allianz SE.

What makes us different

Utilising the resources and expertise of different Allianz Group companies, Allianz Global Life can easily scale and adjust its set up to meet the specific service requirements of our clients. We generate solutions for our clients by combining high product development expertise, world class asset managers Allianz Global Investors, and the strength of our supporting functions. Our Allianz internal risk management applies highest standards in the industry.

Together with our sourcing partners we are able to provide international solutions which can also be adapted to local needs. We are governed by a modern and efficient regulatory regime respected across the European Union.

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Allianz operates as an international insurer on almost every continent. We have deep roots in our home market: Western, Northern & Southern Europe. In Central & Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific Allianz is one of the leading international insurance companies. With different emphases we are present in America and Africa.