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Increasing numbers of employees on overseas assignments and business travelers departing for emerging countries are being faced with complex conditions in remote environments. In these locations health risks can be high and medical support frequently does not meet the appropriate standards.

Duty of care

Organizations’ internal values strive to keep their workforce safe and healthy and to ensure that the completion of duties is not detrimental to the health of their workforce. This duty of care is also enforced by various pieces of employment legislation and industry regulations, which pose a number of multi-faceted challenges for organizations. This obligation, coupled with the constantly changing and increasingly unpredictable global environment, means that the selection of a trusted corporate assistance partner that can adapt is critical. 

Our contribution

Our services are global. As a partner, we can help our clients and their employees to overcome these challenges with our comprehensive range of on-site and off-site services.

With our worldwide in-house medical and operational specialists, we work together with our clients, analyze their specific needs and offer valuable tailored solutions.

Our modular service offering is supported by global capabilities from Allianz Group. We offer a wide range of medical services including market standard assistance as well as specific modular solutions configured according to clients‘ requirements.

Our value proposition is to implement global solutions with high-quality local delivery, supported by our 24/7 multilingual Helpline as a single point of contact, specialized Medical Services and effective Network Management teams. Regular evaluation of the providers in our network ensures compliance with high quality standards.

Medical Assistance

  • General health information

  • Provider information and referral

  • Local ground ambulance activation

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Case Management

  • Shipment of prescribed drugs

General health information

General health information

We provide general information on local health risks, medical conditions and requirements for all parts of the world directly to our clients’ employees via our Helpline and Medical Services teams. This includes advice on recommended precautionary measures prior to travel and regional peculiarities to be taken into consideration. In addition, vaccination advice for specific geographical locations can also be provided.

Upon request, medical alerts can be sent out to inform about medical risk factors for any location, worldwide. We also offer clients the option of embedding our medical database into their corporate intranet. This way employees can proactively research and inform themselves of medical and healthcare issues prior to going on a business trip or on an expatriate assignment.

Provider information and referral

Provider information and referral

Our team provides information on hospitals, doctors and health practitioners worldwide. Upon request, we can also book an appointment for and on behalf of the caller.

Local ground ambulance activation

Local ground ambulance activation

We assist in mobilizing local ground ambulance services to provide any medically necessary treatment at the employee’s location or arrange for their transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility for treatment.

Medical evacuation and repatriation

Medical evacuation and repatriation

Our in-house Evacuation Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Depending on the employee’s location, available medical facilities may not meet international healthcare standards. Where this is the case, and once our Evacuation Team have confirmed that an evacuation is safe to do so, we will arrange for the transportation by air ambulance, commercial flight, or ground vehicle to the nearest appropriate medical center.

For medical evacuations and repatriations we use the most suitable internationally accredited partners that have been certified for the high standards of medical care they deliver and their proven capabilities in providing a safe environment for the fast and convenient transport of patients.

Our team actively manages the progress of the evacuation and provides regular and timely updates to the employee and all other parties involved.

Inpatient and Outpatient Case Management

Inpatient and Outpatient Case Management

We provide support to employees while they receive medical care, while also acting on behalf of the client to ensure that costs and quality of care are being contained at all stages.

From locating a suitable medical provider and booking the appointment or admission, our case managers will be there every step of the way. Upon request, the case manager also follows up with the employee post-discharge to ensure that any medically necessary services such as home healthcare and medical supplies are delivered.

Our case managers closely coordinate the care with the patient, the physician and other healthcare staff to ensure that it is appropriate and that it progresses according to the medical treatment plan, reviewing inpatient treatment as required.

Shipment of prescribed drugs

Shipment of prescribed drugs

Where prescribed medication is not available locally, or in the event that only an unreliable locally produced equivalent is available, we will organize the shipment of the prescribed drugs to the employee’s location where legally possible.

Prior to shipment we will clarify any customs and import license requirements and our Medical Services team will monitor the consignment until delivery is confirmed. Regular updates will be provided to the appropriate parties.

In addition to the shipment of prescription medication this service also covers the procurement of medical equipment and devices for personal use (e.g. blood glucose monitors, BP monitors, nebulizers etc.).

Medical Solutions

  • Medical site survey

  • Remote site medical staffing

  • Clinic design and management

  • Medical checks

  • Tele-medicine

Medical site survey

Medical site survey

Our medical experts can perform a comprehensive analysis of medical and health related issues that have the potential to negatively affect employees and on-site operations.

Based on the survey results and client’s requirements, a clear set of recommendations will be documented.

The site survey includes a thorough evaluation of workplace health and hygiene risks, as well as the local health care infrastructure, including a review of the on-site emergency response capability and whether the medical processes and procedures in place are adequate.

Remote site medical staffing

Remote site medical staffing

Companies operating in remote locations, where adequate medical facilities could be far away, can greatly benefit from our medical staffing solutions.

We help our clients to determine, if and to which extent they may need an on-site physician, nurse or paramedic. We provide the required resources to ensure that employees can access medical care at all times.

With our global network of medical professionals we can ensure availability for short or long term assignments. Clients can be sure that our staffing solution is perfectly tailored to their requirements and needs, as well as taking into consideration the specific conditions being faced locally.

In addition, we can help clients to manage medical risks at any event they are organizing – e.g. at a hotel, a conference center or even at a football stadium. We will provide highly skilled medical staff who will be present and on standby for the duration of the happening

Clinic design and management

Clinic design and management

At Allianz Corporate Assistance we understand the specific medical complexities encountered in the locations that our clients operate in, especially those where adequate medical care is not readily available.

Our skilled team of medical experts can assist in the design and provision of first aid stations and on-site medical centers or clinics. These facilities are designed with state-of-the-art medical equipment and supplies as well as developed to suit the specific operational needs of the location.

These projects typically consist of the following phases: feasibility assessment, design / planning, construction /on-boarding and deployment. Critical topics such as availability of medications and equipment as well as compliance with the local regulations (e.g. licensing, registration of medical equipment, customs) are considered during these projects.

Clients have the choice of:

  • Medical units with a complete end-to-end solution that can be deployed either in a mobile clinic or in an existing client facility
  • Enhancement of existing clinics and processes as well as re-design around prevailing medical and site infrastructure
We have developed an integrated and flexible approach to clinic design and management for clients. Our teams ensure that any requirements will be fulfilled in a cost-efficient manner. After the deployment of the medical facility we can continue to provide support through management of the site and provision of the appropriate medical resources, including medical equipment and medical staffing.

Medical checks

Medical checks

Employers should ensure that workers are physically matched to the scope of their tasks and that they invest in maintaining a healthy workforce.

We provide highly skilled medical staff to perform a full range of industry-specific checkups:

  • Fitness for duty checks - A thorough pre-assignment checkup. This will assess the individual employee’s initial fitness for duty and establish their baseline state of health compared to the requirements of the job, the environment and the region they are to be assigned to.
  • Mid-assignment checks - Periodic mid-assignment checks are carried out to ensure that an employee’s state of health has not declined during their assignment. This may be required for employees with particularly hazardous occupations, for example where there is regular exposure to toxic chemicals or to loud ambient noise to confirm their continued fitness for duty.
  • Post-assignment checks - A medical assessment performed when an employee concludes a particular assignment to detect if there has been any adverse health effects as a result of the assignment.



Our tele-medicine service provides a solution for employees based in remote locations, who need medical diagnosis and where the closest medical center is hours, or even days away.

Based on the description of the symptoms, our medical experts will determine the degree of medical urgency and advise on the next steps that the employee needs to take.

Our recommendations may include referral to a specialist or even the activation of an immediate medical evacuation. With these services, we offer the remote provision of a wide range of medical advisory and diagnostic services delivered via telephone or video by medically trained personnel, from a selected center of medical excellence.

An additional feature of this service will allow employees to submit a digital image of a skin-related condition using a high-resolution camera-equipped mobile phone. A specialist dermatologist will be available to the employee via phone, video or e-mail to provide the best advice.

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