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  About AMOS

Allianz Managed Operations & Services SE (AMOS) is the internal shared services provider to the Allianz Group. As global line of Allianz AMOS provides Allianz companies worldwide with in-house services in the fields of IT infrastructure, applications and business services.

Fully owned by Allianz SE, AMOS is headquartered in Munich and currently employs about 2.500 people. AMOS addresses all the companies and entities in the Allianz Group – including holding-company functions – as its customers. Sylvie Ouziel is head of the Board of Management, Dr. Christof Mascher heads the Executive Committee.

AMOS' mission is to transform Allianz into a digital group. AMOS supports the Group in sustaining a leading market position by exploiting synergies and by fostering innovation adoption. AMOS is the partner of choice of Allianz companies to jointly bring to life projects and services underpinning OE competitiveness and differentiation. As the internal shared service company and IT service provider, AMOS has the mandate to constantly increase added value of its services around the globe by reducing costs while providing a high standard of quality.

  Global Presence

AMOS bundles the skills, ideas and talent of Allianz employees from all over the world. Germany and India are the main locations in the AMOS Delivery Model. The focus in Germany is on management and steering, whereas the location in India is geared primarly towards the provision of services. AMOS operates additional specialist locations in Switzerland and Romania. In Austria, AMOS is represented by AMOS Austria IT GmbH, whose activities include development of core applications of the Allianz Business System (ABS) insurance platform. AMOS currently operates Service Hubs in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Singapore and the USA. This on-the-spot presence ensures that Allianz companies get professional support that takes account of particular local circumstances. AMOS' experts are familiar with local conditions and requirements and provide their customers with optimum solutions selected from AMOS' portfolio.


The services of AMOS are derived from the strategic requirements of the Group as well as from the operational needs of OE partners, and support Allianz companies with projects along their value chains in terms of IT infrastructure, applications and business services.

  • Infrastructure

    The installation of a global connected infrastructure is what underpins the digital program of the Group: Allianz Global Network provides the modern, cost effective telecommunication solutions which serve as the basis for a robust cloud-based strategy. The program for consolidating data centers will reduce Group infrastructure costs while improving service and keeping IT resilient to disasters. Allianz Virtual Client provides a flexible, cost-efficient and data-secured personal computing solution for Allianz employees.

  • Applications

    The application architecture is organized into the following levels.

    - Solutions for mobile devices and the Internet (oneWeb) enabling the use of digital channels.

    - Integrated core insurance applications (ABS, OPUS, ePac) help to streamline the product portfolio and support interdisciplinary product sales though multiple channels.

    - Corporate Function platforms (GRP, IMA) ensure financial transparency and efficiency according to compliance requierements.

    - Analytical Platforms provide Global Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions to evaluate, track and report existing data.

  • Business Services

    Group synergies and cost savings are achieved by:

    - optimized transactional processes and expert services in Finance and HR,

    - also by the reduction of external spending achieved by Global Sourcing & Procurement and Corporate Real Estate Services.

    The Allianz Consulting unit is also part of AMOS Operations. Besides the quality management approach OPEX, the focus of Allianz Consulting lies mainly on management consulting.

    Allianz Consulting is one of the largest in-house consultancies in Germany, with more than 150 consultants located at two offices in Munich and Singapore. The unit offers best-in-class business solutions along the whole consulting value chain strategy, process & transformation, and implementation.

    The portfolio ranges from individualized problem solving to replicable and industry-approved solutions and comprises end-to-end consulting services for all Allianz functions: Products & Innovation, Market Management, Sales & Distribution, Operations & IT, and Central Functions such as Finance, HR, general Project Management or Communications.

    The consultants come from diverse backgrounds and from within Allianz and from external consulting companies. They bring along a diverse understanding of both technical and general management expertise and a sound understanding of the Allianz priorities, key initiatives and global insurance trends. Thus they drive forth our internal clients’ sustainable success in many international projects each year.

  • Commitment to protecting the environment 

    Environment and climate protection are embedded into the core business of AMOS and its internal processes. Whithin Germany, AMOS sources energy exclusively from hydropower. AMOS Global Sourcing & Procurement plays a key role in promoting environmental standards with current and potential suppliers. In practice, this means ensuring that all Allianz suppliers abide by the company's environmental, social and governance standards, as outlined in the Allianz Code of Conduct and Purchasing Principles.


Are you interested in working at Allianz Managed Operations & Services SE (AMOS SE)? Within the Allianz Group, AMOS is the global expert for IT related issues due to its state-of-the-art and high quality services. The fact that AMOS is a central driving force behind the digitalization of the Allianz Group means that growth is constant and personnel requirements are high. The key to the success of this development is qualified, motivated and high-performing employees with different backgrounds and cultures, who enjoy exciting tasks and projects. Our individual development paths and career opportunities are as diverse as our employees.


If you are interested in the prospects we offer, then seize this opportunity and find out about the wide range of jobs available on our job portal. From working as a working student to direct entry for experienced professionals - we offer a broad spectrum of entry opportunities. It is worth checking the AMOS eRecruiting portal regularly here, since we will be successively expanding over the next few months. This means we are continually looking for motivated new employees in the growing areas of IT, consultants at different levels for Allianz Consulting as well as business analysts and business architects in the area of Business Transformation. In addition, we are also searching, worldwide, for committed employees to join our other locations, especially the AMOS locations in India - Pune and Trivandrum.


Allianz Managed Operations & Services SE

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