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Allianz Managed Operations & Services SE (AMOS) is the internal shared-services provider to the Allianz Group. As global line of Allianz AMOS provides Allianz companies worldwide with in-house services in the fields of IT, Operations and Services – integrated, global and from a single source, by experts for experts.

  About AMOS

Fully owned by Allianz SE, AMOS is headquartered in Munich and currently employs about 2000 people. AMOS addresses all the companies and entities in the Allianz Group – including holding-company functions – as its customers. Sylvie Ouziel is head of the Board of Management, Dr. Christof Mascher heads the Executive Committee.

The enhanced functional and regional interlinking and integration of existing local services gives rise to synergies that AMOS systematically exploits and refines. Not only does AMOS tap into savings potentials, it also bundles skills, ideas and talent - to the advantage of the Allianz companies. These profit from the financial benefit, high quality of services and innovative solutions, freeing up resources for their own core business, the financial services.


AMOS bundles the skills, ideas and talent of Allianz employees from all over the world. In addition to its Head Office in Munich, AMOS has local offices in eight countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • UK
  • India
  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland

This on-the-spot presence ensures that Allianz companies get professional support that takes account of particular local circumstances. AMOS' experts are familiar with local conditions and requirements and provide their customers with optimum solutions selected from AMOS' portfolio.

  Service Portfolio

With the common knowhow from IT, Operations and Services AMOS offers its customers a wide range of innovative company-internal products and services in IT, Operations and Services. 

  • IT

    Stable and at the same time high-quality IT operations supported by efficient processes are essential for a strong financial services provider. The IT unit supports Allianz companies along their entire value chain with innovative IT products and services and operates one of the largest data centers in Europe. The AMOS Output Center, one of the largest digital printers in Germany, is also part of the IT unit.

  • Operations

    Operationsdeals with everything concerning the design and implementation of the Allianz target operating model and delivery of support for Group-wide projects. The Allianz internal consulting unit, Allianz Group OPEX, offers integrated services in the areas of Consulting, Education and Coaching.

    OPEX, short for Operational Excellence, is a structured approach to continuous process improvement with the dual objective of raising customer satisfaction and maintaining a focus on profitability.

  • Services

    The AMOS Services unit develops and makes available the administrative services which AMOS offers to its internal Allianz customers as shared services, including service offerings for Procurement, Corporate Real Estate and Services, Financial Business Services and HR Services.

  • Commitment to protecting the environment 

    Environment and climate protection is actively practiced in internal AMOS processes and its core business. In recent years AMOS has achieved substantial reductions in carbon emissions: a 67 % reduction compared to the level at yearend 2006. This is chiefly attributable to a range of interventions in and around the data center and printshop.AMOS also has a long-established practice of closed-loop recycling for all the resources it uses, including paper, toner, developer and fusing oil. In the data center the increasing virtualization is contributing to a reduction of energy consumption. Innovative solutions like video conferences in HD are turning into a real alternative to business trips.


AMOS bundles the skills, ideas and talent of employees from all over the world. If you feel motivated by the idea of providing high-quality service to others, then come and work for us. You'll be moving with the times, developing innovative products and solutions in an international environment.

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Allianz Managed Operations & Services SE

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