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About AMOS

About AMOS

The mission of Allianz Managed Operations & Services, or AMOS, is to transform Allianz into a digital group. As a global line of Allianz, AMOS provides the worldwide family of Allianz companies with in-house services in the fields of IT Infrastructure, Application Platforms and Business Services.

With its headquarters in Munich and some 7,250 employees around the world, AMOS supports Allianz Group in preserving its leading market position by realizing synergies and cultivating innovation. AMOS is fully owned by Allianz SE and was established in 2010 to bring to life critical projects and services together with Allianz companies to ensure market competitiveness and distinction. The AMOS charge is to persistently increase the added-value of its services by delivering the highest standards of quality while bringing down costs.



Allianz is preparing for the future by transforming itself into a digital company, and AMOS is at the very heart of that transformation. Outfitting a large global undertaking like Allianz with the digital backbone to carry the business into the future requires a highly expert workforce.

Behind the many technological innovations at AMOS are employees who continuously improve how digitalization affects the business and the individual. If you too have such ambitions and share our enthusiasm for digitalization and business optimization, then we invite you to look at our many and varied job opportunities, from entry-level to senior manager.

At AMOS, you have the opportunity to become a part of a truly international undertaking that works in one of the most dynamic and evolving fields for a global financial services leader. Join us!



Allianz companies rely on AMOS to implement critical projects and deliver key services that support the business strategy set by Allianz Group. In close partnership with these internal customers, AMOS supports their operational needs through IT infrastructure, applications and business services. 


The installation of a global connected infrastructure underpins the digital program of the Group. The Allianz Global Network project provides modern, cost-effective telecommunications solutions, which serve as the basis for a robust, cloud-based strategy. The project for consolidating data centers will reduce Group infrastructure costs while improving services and keeping IT resilient to disasters. The Allianz Virtual Client project provides a flexible, cost-efficient and data-secured personal computing solution for Allianz employees.


The application architecture is organized into the following levels:

  • Solutions for mobile devices and the Internet, enabling the use of digital channels.
  • Integrated core insurance applications help streamline the product portfolio and support interdisciplinary product sales through multiple channels.
  • Corporate function platforms ensure financial transparency and efficiency according to compliance requirements.
  • Analytical platforms provide global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions to evaluate, track and report existing data.

Business Services

Group synergies and cost savings are realized through:

  • Optimized transactional processes and expert services in Finance and Human Resources
  • A reduction of external spending via Global Sourcing & Procurement and Corporate Real Estate & Services.
  • Allianz Consulting, through the OPEX quality management approach, focuses on management consulting. Its more than 150 experts are at the ready, offering best-in-class, end-to-end consulting services.

Commitment to protecting the environment 

Environment and climate protection are embedded into the core business of AMOS and its internal processes. Within Germany, AMOS sources energy exclusively from hydropower. AMOS Global Sourcing & Procurement plays a key role in promoting environmental standards with current and potential suppliers. In practice, this means ensuring that all Allianz suppliers abide by the company's environmental, social and governance standards, as outlined in the Allianz Code of Conduct and Purchasing Principles.

Global Presence

Global Presence

Allianz Group’s global network spreads across more than 70 countries and includes more than 147,000 employees. With such a client base, AMOS aims to be as close as possible to ensure professional support while taking into account local market conditions.

AMOS bundles the skills, ideas and talent of Allianz employees from all over the world, with Germany and India as the main locations in the AMOS delivery model. The focus in Germany is on management and steering, whereas the location in India is geared primarily towards the provision of services.

AMOS operates additional specialist locations in Switzerland and Romania. In Austria, AMOS is represented by AMOS Austria IT GmbH, whose activities include development of core applications of the Allianz Business System (ABS) insurance platform. AMOS also currently operates service hubs across Europe, Asia, Australia, North America (AMOSA) and South America.

This on-the-spot presence ensures that Allianz companies get professional support that takes into account particular local circumstances. AMOS's experts are familiar with local conditions and requirements and provide their customers with optimum solutions selected from the AMOS portfolio. The overall AMOS global presence is expected to steadily grow, as the digitalization transformation continues.



AMOS Executive Management Team

  • Dr. Barbara Karuth-Zelle – Chief Executive Officer
  • Stefan Britz – Chief Financial Officer, Labor Relations & Social Affairs
  • Dr. Daniel Besendorfer – Customer Platforms
  • Steve Coles – Infrastructure & Information Security
  • Umberto Costanzini – Global & Regional Lines; General Representative
  • Dr. Eckart Pech – Global Platforms
  • Andrea Pettinelli – Customer & Solution Management; General Representative
  • Dr. Turan Sahin – Global Delivery Network; General Representative

Supervisory Board Chairman

Dr. Christof Mascher - Member of the Board of Management, Allianz SE



Allianz Managed Operations & Services SE

Fritz-Schäffer-Straße 9
81737 München
Phone: +49 89 3800 0

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Allianz operates as an international insurer on almost every continent. We have deep roots in our home market: Western, Northern & Southern Europe. In Central & Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific Allianz is one of the leading international insurance companies. With different emphases we are present in America and Africa.