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The figures and forecasts provided by our Allianz global research network are designed to back your decisions on investment and in finance and insurance matters.

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At AIM, our people are our most important assets and diversity is a key part of what makes AIM the successful company that it is. Our employees come from all sorts of backgrounds and work across the world due to our global company set-up.

As of early 2015, more than 500 people work for AIM. The AIM workforce has a diverse educational background with its employees coming from more than 50 universities from across the globe.

AIM Workforce Education

Allianz - aim-universities
  • Ludwig Maximilians University
  • University of Mannheim
  • University St. Gallen
  • HEC Paris
  • University of Cambridge
  • Fudan University
  • National University Singapore
  • Yale University
  • Stanford University
  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University

AIM Experience

Three long-time AIM employees shared their unique stories about their time at AIM up until now.

"I am French, born in the US, and joined Allianz 16 years ago as an intern during an undergraduate exchange program in Munich. Being a French engineering undergraduate majoring in Financial Mathematics, Allianz gave me the unique opportunity to join their German investment team (today AIM Munich). I discovered investments and learned German. Since then, Allianz has offered me a wide range of development opportunities. I completed the CFA program, and further developed my business skills during an MBA program in London. I lived and worked in Munich, Paris, London and San Francisco. Besides working with AIM, I worked in Corporate Finance in Paris and as an account manager with PIMCO in London, servicing external institutional clients.

During the last five years, I worked with the AIM US team out of San Francisco, California, overseeing the non-life insurance portfolio in the US. Today, I head the ALM-Investment Strategy team in AIM Paris, managing a diverse team of actuarial and investment professionals overseeing the EUR 90bn life and non-life investment portfolios of Allianz France."


Allianz - aim-people2

“Before joining AIM, my background was in macro analysis and asset management, as I worked at PIMCO, Credit Suisse Asset Management and Central Bank of Latvia. I was always driven to understand how to incorporate macro trends and asset valuation into development of asset allocation.

When started at AIM, first in Stuttgart, I was developing asset allocation for part of fixed income of the portfolio of Allianz Life Germany. The interesting thing about this portfolio, as well as any Life insurance portfolio, is, that it has to be designed to withstand risks and deliver stable return. This requirement is defined by minimum guarantees and defined payouts, that Life contracts provide. This is where my interest in long-term view as well as technical background fit very well. I didn't see myself, however, remaining as an expert. I have realized that I am at my best working with other people, putting ideas together and driving to a result together. For this shift I was missing project and team management experience.

After some considerations, I have moved to the AIM CEO Office, where I have assisted the CEO to drive strategic discussions and projects within and outside of AIM. It was a great time to learn both content and people, explore, and expand the horizon. All of which was challenging and exciting at the same time.

My next (and current) role in the Global Asset Liability Management Life Team leverages on the experience from previous jobs and adds some new spins. At ALM Life we analyze the profile of assets (i.e. premiums collected from insurance contracts) and liabilities (i.e. payouts on insurance contracts) against the set of KPIs (e.g. meeting minimum guarantees) and assessment of market conditions to develop a strategic asset allocation. Here it was interesting to add the perspective of working in a global team. The portfolios my team is covering are spread across twelve countries and often involves the joint effort of several teams in one country to achieve a result. Most recently I started helping setting-up new Life products in several countries, another new turn in my journey. All in all the dots connected to form an exciting and interesting experience and the new dots continue to form.”


“In October 2007, I joined AIM SE in Munich as a member of the newly founded hedge team to manage the recently introduced product category of so-called Variable Annuities. As a former student of financial mathematics, my programming background helped me to contribute to this exciting initiative with its start-up like nature from day one. After two rewarding years of financial modeling, actual daily trading activities and frequent two-months visits to our partner team at AIM Minneapolis, I moved on to the global asset liability management (ALM) team in Munich to pick up one of the core competencies of insurance business and shape the strategic asset allocation (SAA) of our global Life portfolios. The ALM function was a great opportunity to leverage on my existing network of investment professionals in Munich and Minneapolis, and to further expand it to Allianz colleagues outside the investment function, especially from the risk side.

With the knowledge and experience I had gathered in Munich and Minneapolis, I was ready in 2012 to embark on a new mission at AIM Singapore. In one of the world’s major financial hubs, leading the ALM/SAA function and advising our Asian Investment, Actuarial and Risk colleagues in the local entities on state-of-the-art ALM means the next big step in my career.

Especially for those who are not tied to a geographic region or specific field of interest, AIM inside Allianz is a garden of diverse opportunities and ongoing challenges – large enough to satisfy your current interests and open and flexible enough to allow you to move on and explore new areas.”


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