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Graduate (m/f) Program (Digital Focus)
at Allianz Investment Management SE

Do you have a strong IT background and want to kick off your professional career in investments? Then join the Graduate Program (Digital Focus) at Allianz Investment Management SE (AIM) in Munich or Stuttgart! During this 14 months’ program you will have the opportunity to apply your digital skills to demanding projects in areas like Portfolio Management and Life Product Development, Asset Liability Management and Investment Strategy.  We offer…

•a deep dive into a multi-asset investment manager in only 14 months’ time.

•the experience of working in a truly international and dynamic environment including an assignment abroad.

•the chance to contribute to multiple projects which combine computer science with business topics.

•mentoring, regular feedback from experienced business leaders and great training opportunities.

•a reasonable workload and numerous employee benefits of the Allianz Group.

Key Responsibilities

During the first months you will participate in onboarding and training activities; moreover you will get to know Investment Data Services GmbH, Allianz’s own provider for data management, risk controlling, performance analysis and reporting. Subsequently, you will be assigned to three or four projects at AIM (and for Stuttgart also at Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG) out of the following areas:

•Asset Liability Management (e.g. apply state of the art machine learning algorithms to support the derivation of strategic asset allocation)

•Digital@Investment (e.g. analyze and implement business requirements of use cases for analytics or automation in different departments)

•Financial Control, Risk and Monitoring (e.g. drive automation and further development for risk data analysis)

•Investment Strategy (e.g. apply statistics, machine learning algorithms and IT knowledge to further improve methodologies to derive investment strategy)

•Portfolio Management (e.g. develop automation tools and apply advanced data science methods)

•Life Product Development (e.g. develop front-end-applications and apply advanced data science methods)

•Assignment abroad in Milan, Minneapolis, Paris or Singapore

Key Requirements/Skills/Experience

•Do you belong to the top 20 % of your university program focusing on mathematics, computer/data science, statistics or similar and combine business acumen with IT knowhow?

•Do you possess a profound knowledge of statistics, data analysis, machine learning algorithms and data visualization?

•Are you skilled in Excel as well as VBA and have a robust knowledge of programming languages (such as R and Python) and basic SQL?

•Do you have previous working experience, e.g. internship abroad in financial services or IT firms?

•Are you fluent in written and spoken English?

•Are you a team player and enjoy working in a global team?

•Do you possess strong interpersonal and communication skills?

Additional Information

Job start: Ideally 01.10.2018 in  Munich and Stuttgart

If you are interested in the position and think you have the right profile, please submit your full application documents (incl. CV, certificates, references and motivation letter) at

AIM Experience

The following are testimonials by two young AIM professionals who are taking part in the AIM Graduate Program:

"I applied for the AIM Graduate Program because I did an internship at AIM (Investment Strategy department in Stuttgart) and I enjoyed it a lot. It showed me that within AIM there are lots of possibilities to learn, work is very dynamic and people are very nice, thus I decided to stay with the company. As it was interesting for me to see what other departments within AIM are working on, the Graduate Program was my first choice.

Before the internship in Investment Strategy I did my Bachelor in Economics in Russia and a double-degree Master Program in Germany (Humboldt) and Russia (Higher School of Economics) with the focus on economics and corporate finance. I did an internship at the Russian Stock Exchange and worked as a project manager in a small Russian company.

I am currently doing my last rotation and looking back I can say that I learned a lot, developed new skills and met a lot of interesting people. It is always important to have a big picture to understand what different departments are working on, how processes are organized and how do departments cooperate. The AIM Graduate Program is a unique chance in this respect, and I can only recommend it.

In June I am going to a hub abroad for two months, which I chose to be Singapore. I am really looking forward to it! When I come back I will start working in the department where I want to stay."


Allianz - aim-se-graduate-program

"I joined the AIM Graduate Program after finishing my graduate school study in international finance, and I find the program a very good fit for my interest and aspirations. I think the program would be most suitable for those who are not only interested in investment management, but also have an appetite for insurance industry, because after all, we are managing the insurance premiums. So far for me, the four station rotation not only shows me the value chain of AIM, but more importantly, it also makes me realize that there are so many aspects when it comes to managing investments for a giant financial institute like Allianz.

Here one can gain an overview of the full spectrum from planning to execution, from strategic view to practical view. It is not so much ‘training’ as ‘on-the-job learning’, and I’ve definitely learnt a lot from each of my colleagues."


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